6 Facts about The Summer Set's Jess Bowen

Ever hear of The Summer Set? Hailing from Scottsdale, Arizona, these young rockers are about to make it big on the music scene, touring the country this summer as part of the Vans Warped Tour 2010.

Even cooler than that? Their drummer, Jess Bowen, is totally talented—and the only girl in the bunch! We caught up with Jess and had her spill six fun facts about herself… 

She didn't always want to play the drums. "My dad and my older brother both played the drums. When I asked my dad to buy me a guitar, he told me on the spot that I had to play the drums instead. So, in a way, I was technically forced into drumming, but I'm extremely thankful for it now."

She's pretty much a boy expert. "Since I have toured with all boys for the last three years of my life, there's very little that confuses me about them. I feel like I should just write a book with a title along the lines of, A Girl's Guide to the Boy's Mind."

She's a low-key kind of gal. "I pretty much wear the same outfit at every show: Jeans and a tank top. Unfortunately, I sweat a lot, so a tank top is just about the only thing comfortable enough for me to wear when I play."


She hearts being one of the guys—sometimes. "It's always a little tough when you are on the road for long periods of time without another girl to confide in. There are just some things I can't tell the boys—even though they are like my brothers. But on the plus side, it's fun being the only girl. It keeps everything drama-free."

She has some advice any aspiring musician should know. "Be persistent and don't let anyone get your hopes down. I started drumming when I was 11, and finally started touring when I was 18. I never gave up because drumming was my passion and I knew it was what I wanted to pursue in life."

This summer, she's most excited for..."Finally living on a bus instead of a van for Warped Tour!"

Be sure to check out Jess and the rest of The Summer Set when the Vans Warped Tour 2010 kicks off June 25, traveling across America through August 15. CLICK HERE to see when they’re coming towards you.
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Photo Credit: Dan Gillan


by Julia Fine | 2/1/2016