GL Caught Up With Megan B., Winner of the Dance. Sing. Dream Contest!

Hey Girlies!

I'm Megan Boyle and I was the lucky winner of the Dance. Sing. Dream. contest (you can check out my winning video here! As the winner, not only did I win a trip to LA, but I got to attend the world premiere of Standing Ovation.

Last Saturday at the premiere, I got to go behind the barricades of fans and walk the “pink” carpet, just behind the cast of Standing Ovation! That was the coolest experience EVER!  Photographers were shouting my name and I even got to take pictures with the writer/director, Mr. Stewart Raffill!  

While on the pink carpet, I was interviewed for TV too! That was a blast!! Then, my mom, dad, and friends joined me for the showing of the most rockin' movie of the summer, STANDING OVATION! After getting our complementary popcorn and drinks, we sat with the cast and watched this soon-to-be-a-big-hit movie unfold. 

We laughed a ton and had to restrain ourselves from getting up to dance! At the after party at the Hard Rock Cafe, I met the cast, who were so nice and down to earth. They has actually heard about me and saw my video. Then they asked to take pictures with me!

They were so friendly and grateful for everything and everyone, I was so amazed. I also met Mr. Sal Dupree, who plays Mr. Wiggs in the movie. Although he was the villain, he was one of the nicest men I've ever met in my entire life. He also organizes all the original music for the movie. 

The cute guys from the movie also posed for pics with me and were really nice. Then, we met Alanna Palombo (Alanna Wannabe). She asked for a picture with me and was so sweet. Her uncles play the firemen in the movie and they were a riot to hang out with. We also met Jason Dolley at the premiere, he was super nice! 

The whole trip was amazing. Everyone should go see Standing Ovation because I KNOW you'll love it just like I did! It opens nationwide THIS Friday, July 16! 

Because I am part of the Barbizon modeling family, as part of my prize, I get to be in the sequel. I can't wait to start filming it soon! Thank you all for your votes and support, I really appreciate it. And remember to look for me in Standing Ovation 2!

by GL | 2/1/2016
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