I'm scared to start high school!

In August, I am going to be a freshman, and I am nervous about having a lot more classmates. I went to a private school from kindergarten to 8th grade. My graduating class only had 10 students and the entire school was only 170. The public high school that I’m attending has 600 people! I am scared of going to school with so many people, and I am afraid I will get lost. Help!

Hey girl, the way you're feeling is totally natural. It's always scary going into the unknown, be it a new school, job or even city. The way to get past the nerves? Have a plan to make friends, know you’ll need a li'l time adjusting and that in the end you will be OK. It's all about keeping a positive attitude, and I’ve got some tips to help you along the way.

Everyone’s Nervous
Whether you’re homeschooled, in private school or have gone to public school, everyone is super nervous to start high school. They are usually a lot bigger with more students and the layout will take everyone some getting used to. So take a deep breath and know you are 100% not alone in this.

The best way to combat your nerves? Be prepared. Have a map of the school on the first day of classes. Attend orientation. Most high schools have orientations for freshman students so they can get introduced to the school before the first day. If your school doesn’t have one, call the guidance office and ask if you can come in with your folks toward the end of summer to walk around the hallways and learn the routes to your classes. You may even get to meet a teacher or two.

Get Involved
Aside from the building size, the biggest difference between private and public schools is the number of students enrolled there. Believe me, the crowds in the hall may take some getting used to, but the best way to embrace this difference (more people means more potential friends!) is to sign up for an activity. Play a sport. Try out for the school play. Join a club you’re interested in. You’ll meet girls ‘n’ guys who heart the same things you do. In a bit of time, that number difference that seemed so scary before will be totes be natural to you. You won’t feel like just another number; you’ll be part of a community.

Stay Positive!
The best way to prepare for any big sitch? Keeping a positive attitude. Go in knowing things will be different, but you can handle it. Embrace this challenge and make the most of this new school. Everyone has the jitters, but you can make this transition easier for you and your classmates with just a smile. Compliment your fellow students and stay optimistic.

High school marks the beginning of some of the best years of your life. Seize every day and moment because trust me, it’ll be over before you know it.

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by Alyssa Bailey | 2/1/2016
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