Easy Tricks to Look Amazing on the First Day!

The key to a perfectly pretty back-to-school vibe? Making your skin lookin’ absolutely amazing and splashing on some subtle color before hitting the books. The result is an oh-so-fresh look that’ll leave ya glowing every single day.
Stop Shine
When the first day rolls around, the temps are often hotter-than-hot. Keep your skin shine-free with a mattifying moisturizer. It’ll zap excess oil. You wanna shine in the classroom—not your forehead.

Mani of the Moment
When not one but TWO GL staffers are sporting the same exact nail color, it means one thing: utter polish perfection. Right now, our digits are decked in shimmery pink. It’s darling for school days, but sooo not boring. Hearts!

Chill Out
Kill under-eye circles with these seriously inspired eye coolers. Keep them in the fridge and then pop them on for a few minutes on days when you’re lookin’ extra zonked. They’ll wake ya up in a flash—plus, they’re reusable.

Classic Chillin’ Cucumber, $10,

Eye Spy
We were at a photo shoot last weekend and spied the coolest trick used by a way-talented makeup artist. Line the inner rims of you lids with NUDE (not white) for an instant eye-opening effect. It’s brilliant—and way less obvi than the old-school method.

Pixi Eye Bright Liner No. 1, $16,


by Katie Abbondanza | 2/1/2016