Back-to-School beauty for your locker

Sure, stocking up on notebooks is key. But here in the beauty department at GL, we’re psyched to help you stack your locker with little luxuries that’ll make your day extra lovely. And since we can’t send you off with an entire Sephora store, we figured we’d pick some of our oh-so-stashable faves to share.

  • 1e.png

    Petite Perfume

    Lucky for you girlies, roller and solid perfumes are tres trendy at the moment (which means you can nab a sweet smell for cheaper). Ya never, ever wanna go swimming in your scent, but a quick reapplication after PE can make the rest of your day extra fresh.

    Marc Jacobs Daisy Rollerball, $22,

  • 2e.png
    A Boar-Bristle Brush
    You never, ever wanna be that girl who is brushing her hair in class (newsflash: paying attention is actually cool). Even the best ’dos deflate, though, and are in need of a li’l oomph. A soft brush helps you get rid of midday tangles and ensure your strands are shiny all day long.
    Kashuk Tools Bristle Hair Brush, $15,
  • 3e.png
    Brilliant Balm
    Stock up on some shimmery lip balm—it’ll soften up chapped lips and and keep them lookin’ smooth. We’re hooked!
  • 4e.png

    Tiny Tweezers

    If your school allows them, having tweezers handy means you can nab a stray brow hair (even if ya missed it in the morning). These pink ones ones are too cute (plus, super functional!).
    Pink Pefection Slant Tweezer, $22,

  • 5e.png
    A Mini Mirror
    Why settle for just one? At only one dollar a piece, a couple of these mirrors will add a bit of glitz and glamour to your boring school locker. We know you’re not gonna spend all day admiring your reflection, but why not check your teeth or help keep your strands in total style?

    Assorted Mini Flower Mirrors, $1,


by Katie Abbondanza | 2/1/2016