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My name is Bethany Marie, and my problem is embracing my ethnicity. As a black girl you’re known for having some of the best hair, and it’s kind of like your job to keep it looking drop dead gorgeous. But my prob is what to use. I mean I have shampoo, conditioner, and all the works, but nothing seems to get my hair looking shiny, and beautiful like all my friends. And its hard cuz once u get my hair wet it frizzs up like...I don’t even know. So help would be good.


First, let’s analyze your hair. Looking at the chart below is it fine, wavy, curly/coarse or is it tightly curled of loose
and wavy?

Once you identify your hair type and texture then we can move on choose what will give you the best results.Seems like you have two issues; 1) shine and body, 2) frizziness and reversion. For shine and body, try a leave in conditioner on damp hair, like he Just For Me 2 in 1 Detangling Conditioner. Not only does it make combing hair easier, but it leaves the hair soft, shiny and conditioned till the next shampoo. When the hair dries, depending on the texture, add the Just For Me Oil Moisturizer Lotion throughout the hair (coarser texture) or the Just For Me Hair and Scalp Conditioner and Hairdress (normal/fine textures). Your hair will shine like new money! Remember, to keep hair fresh, healthy and lively don’t forget to:
• Shampoo at least once a week, but not more than 2 -3 times. * unless you’re in sports or swimming
• Keep your ends trimmed, monthly
• Don’t have product overload – use styling products sparingly
• Choose a style that best fits your face and style, not necessarily what the hottest celebrity is wearing.

Your second concern regarding the frizziness; consider either a Texture Softener or Relaxer for long term manageability.
Either way, when you shampoo your hair, comb it down smooth with the Leave In Conditioner. Let it COMPLETELY dry under a hooded dryer. Blow drying hair from WET to DRY is damaging and it doesn’t allow the hair to dry as smooth and silky. Use a light Spritz if you curl your hair to help fight the humidity. If you wear it wavy, use the Just For Me Oil Moisturizer on the hair BEFORE you dry it, then DON’T fluff it or touch it after it dries.

My hair is UGLY! All the women on T.V. commercials or on the Hills or Gilmore Girls or even my friends have BEAUTIFUL hair that is silky. That's one problem my hair doesn't have that silky beautiful just washed look to it. It has just the plain look to it. Second thing, my hair doesn't want to do anything. It has a wave to it and it’s poofy. So when I try to straighten it my side bangs stick out. And I don't have time in the morning to blow dry it so I have to straighten it. And when I try to curl it doesn't hold. Third, Spring pictures are coming up and I want to do something nice with my hair but my hair won’t do anything! I need knew tips and help! Please!!!!!!! I would really appreciate this!


Carina your WAVY is beautiful. It’s beautiful because it’s yours. Managing it just takes a little time and know-how. So here you go;
Stop Blow-drying it: The heat from the blow-dryer can strip the hair of natural oils and dry it out.
1. Simply comb hair in the direction that you want it to go (i.e. bangs to the side or part)
2. Apply a Setting Lotion or Wrap Lotion on it
3. Let the hair dry completely under the dryer. SKIP the blow-dry and go straight to flat irons.
4. Once you get it smooth, and then wrap it with a silk scarf. You can use a light oil on the hair for sheen and control. Leave it wrapped over night or until you get dressed for school.
5. You should wrap it every night so that in the morning you don’t have to do much.

Have you tried wearing it wavy? Go with the natural flow of your hair. Try this tip to get a more defined wave pattern.
1. Part the hair in small section about 2 inches.
2. Apply gel, split section into, the twist two pieces together.
3. When you finish put a small roller at the end. Do this all over the head.
4. Let it dry COMPLETELY before taking it down. Apply the Just For Me Hair and Scalp Conditioner on each twist as you take it down. *tip : hair will frizz if it’s not dry
5. DON’T COMB, just separate with your fingers. This will give a soft, flowing waves that last. At night, cover hair with a satin bonnet to protect the hair.

My hair is shoulder length, very thick, and straight. the only problem is that it can’t decide between brown and black! it shifts everyday, and I can’t stand it! what I would really love is just brown hair, so how do I lighten without using permanent dyes?


I can’t imagine that your hair color is actually changing colors from day to day. But perhaps the lighting or products that you use on it reflects in the light.

Hair colors come in three different types; 1) temporary- that last a couple of shampoo’s, 2) semi-permanent – which last 4 -6 shampoo’s and 3) permanent dyes - permanently change the color pigments. The first two deposit color, which means that they add colors but don’t lift or lighten your natural color. These two are the least damaging because they don’t affect your natural pigment. You could try a Reddish Brown or Golden Brown which add semi-permanent highlights to your natural color. The other option is to pick a few small pieces that you pre-lighten first with a permanent color, and then go over that with a semi-permanent color… At least this way you are not permanently lightening the hold head, just a few streaks.

If you go with this method, there are several kits on the market that allow you to do-it-yourself, but I would recommend seeking out a professional.

I want to get side bangs, but I don't know if they'd be that great for styling. Could I still do half-up-half-down styles and things like that if I got side bangs that are able to be tucked back? Or are side bangs going out of style?


Bangs are back BIG and STRONG this season. The length of you bangs is really determined by the width of your forehead from your hairline to your eyebrow. As long as you leave your bangs about 6 inches you should be able to pull them up or behind the ear. Don’t forget about hair clips. There are some really cute ones that coordinate with any wardrobe and can help adorn any hair style or length. Two really trendy bangs styles are the Flip Bang and the Asymmetric Bang. Asymmetric means it’s shorter on one side and longer on the other and the Flip is just what it says, flipped back of the face.

So you really can’t go wrong…….this season the BANGS have it!

Well I have African American hair and it is very frizzy even after I straighten it! and it’s also staticy. Please help!


Well, I assume that you mean your hair is coarse and wavy? When you comb it, it flies out of place. Have you considered a Relaxer or Texture Softener? The Just For Me Relaxer permanently straightens the hair for long term manageability and the Just For Me Texture Softener reduces some of the curl or wave pattern, so that you have some curl left but when you straighten it, it won’t take so long and it want draw up as fast. The Texture Softener is combed thought the hair until you get to the desired softness level. It is retouched about every 10 – 12 weeks. It is not applied to the scalp so there’s little chance of irritation. The Anti-Breakage Sunflower Oil is applied to the hair PRIOR to application and into the Cream Mixture for Double Duty conditioning and manageability. Once you get this your hair will still be wavy, but won’t frizz as easily nor will it have as much volume.

A relaxer is a more permanent type of straightener that takes hair totally straight. So go this route ONLY if you don’t want ANY wavy or curl. The benefit is that the time you spend blow-drying and thermal straightening is literally cut in half. The drawback is that you have to retouch your new growth every 4 – 6 weeks and your natural curl pattern is gone for good until you let the relaxer grow out.

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