Sweet 'n' Sour

Hey girlies! Check out this great original poem written by a GL reader. Whaddya think?
Pretty lies upon the face, but your heart is simply sour,
Evil in those lake-blue eyes, but as angelic as a flower.
Sweeter than a lollipop, but no heart made out of gold,
To me you’re simply evil, but everyone else is sold.
Homecoming queen, cheerleader, making solid As,
Signing up for co-ed class and trying out for plays.
I know that you’re real pretty and a goody-goody, Jane,
But to me your simply taunting, evil and just lame.
Dating captain football and singing in the shower,
With just two sides about you, you’re simply sweet 'n' sour.

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by GL Reader | 2/1/2016
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