Darkness in the Air

Here's a poem written by a GL reader for our 13 Days of Halloween Ghost Story Contest. Let us know what you think and be sure to check each day for another ghastly tale!
A terrified scream echoes through the house

She sits there horrified in her bloodstained blouse
Young, about seven or eight, and childlike with beautiful dark, silky hair
Her eyes huge with fear, streaming down her cheeks are tears
Nobody tries to cheer; it seems as if nobody cares
For the child that’s too scary to bear
But there’s darkness in the air

One who was bold

Approached, but the child’s eyes kept cold
The man looked away from the harsh glare
She sang a song of sadness, glancing once again to his surprise her eyes were all redness
The feelings of scared-ness crept up his back and a faint breeze whispered beware
For the child that’s too scary to bear
Erupted into a snare

He turned to run

Which he shouldn’t have done
The child didn’t move as much as a hair
But the innocent man’s soul was taken; she faded away as never awakened
Her looks may be deceiving but never mistaken
The child that’s too scary to bear

Because there’s definitely darkness in the air
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by GL Reader | 2/1/2016