Little Monster Ball

It’s almost Halloween night, and you want to host the party of the year for all your friends. The prob? You’re stuck on a theme. Horror film marathons are a little cliché and costume party? Well, that’s a given. What’s a girl to do?


Just dance. This Oct. 31, take a cue from Lady Gaga and throw your own little monster masquerade ball. We’ve got 10 tips to turn your Halloween bash into the monster mash everyone will be buzzing about.


Get Planning, Girl


Be costumed crazed…and let your friends know it. On the invite, make it  clear that your party is a costume masquerade gig, and since Gaga is your inspiration, they better go big. Tell your pals to wear  comfy shoes for dancing!


Set the scene. Choose your dance floor and light it up (literally). Ask if you can use your parent’s Christmas lights or buy some orange string lights at your closest Target or Walmart (they’re only a few dollars). The effect? With dimmed lights, club-atmosphere lighting perfect to dance under. If you have a disco ball or any other special lights, pull them out for the full effect.


Perfect the playlist. Put together all of your fave bust-a-move hits in a playlist you just can’t stop dancing to. Choose lotsa Gaga plus her musical inspiration: Michael Jackson, Cyndi Lauper, Rolling Stones, Beatles, Queen and David Bowie. Don’t forget “Telephone” costar Beyonce, and be sure to burn extra copies of your playlist onto CDs so your friends can keep the party goin’ long after Oct. 31.


Get the mask material. Go to your nearest craft store and purchase some plastic masks, hats and decorating material. Go for feathers, rhinestones, glitter, paint, colored and metallic Sharpies and glue for tools that are perfect to make that personal expression. Then set up a table before the party so when your friends need a break, they can get kooky—I mean, crafty.


Be refreshment ready. Have light appetizer and desserts ready for your party as well as plenty of water for your dancin’ pals. There’s no need to go crazy buying candy: all your friends will have some from trick-or-treating.


In the groove? Keep it goin’!


Host a dance contest. Dance marathon or boogie-off, it doesn’t matter. Pit your friends against one another and see who’ll take home the dancin’ diva crown. Try a “Bad Romance” dance-off, boys against girls.


Take turns DJing. When the playlist burns out, have your friends take turns DJing your dance party from iTunes. Let them pick their fave music out and switch DJs every 15 minutes so everyone gets a fair chance.


Choreograph a music video. Decide on a fave song and work out a dance routine. Ask Mom or Dad if they’ll tape you all performing it and then share the video with friends later on Facebook or Youtube (with their permission, of course!).


Costume contest. Vote on the best mask and overall look your friends make during the night. Winner gets a little small prize and bragging rights!

And when the clock strikes midnight…End your party like a true fairy tale. Ask your guests to keep their masks on until 12 and then reveal their identities. This can be even more fun if you invite your guy friends to the party too. Talking to your crush before the big reveal? Ten times easier!


by Alyssa Bailey | 2/1/2016
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