I'm a compulsive shopper

I've always been a compulsive shopper, but I always bought little things. Now, I've been obsessing about a bigger thing. I want it really badly, but I'm afraid that's just the compulsive shopper in me speaking.


Can you give me some advice on how to get past my habit?

Hey girl, it can def be hard keeping your inner shopper in check when you constantly see cool, new things. Whether it’s clothing or new video game, these new items make what you have now seem passé. What you bought last week? It’s nothing in comparison to that chic new skirt you saw at the mall that you have to have to wear to that holiday party.

But take a step back and think about it. The best thing to do to combat the “gotta have it” impulse is to put some time between you and the purchase. That way you can figure out whether you really want this thing or if it’s just a spur-of-the-moment whim. And I’ve got some tips ...

Now rather than later

What’s important, however, is that you get your habit in check before you’re old enough to have a credit card, and you’re completely financing your purchases. Take an extreme example: Rebecca from the movie, Confessions of a Shopaholic? She was a compulsive shopper and because she couldn’t get her habit in check, she had tonsa debt.


Wait it out

The best way to get your habit under control now? Set a budget for yourself: You have X amount of money to spend this month. If you go over it, it doesn’t matter if you see the most amazing necklace ever, you’re going to have to wait until next month.

Before you buy something, it’s always a good idea to sleep on it. Do you really want it? Do you really need it? Ask yourself those two questions before you purchase it. Think of the other things you already have that are similar.

The big purchase

As for your big purchase sitch? Will the amount you use it justify the cash you’ll spend per use of it (i.e. I’m going to wear these new jeans at least once a week all winter; is the amount I spend per wear reasonable?).

Give it an additional week or two to really think about it. And if after two weeks you’ve still gotta have it? Talk to your parents and get their take. If they’re OK with you buying it, make a spending plan to finance it (and make sure you have enough — with the holidays coming up, you’ll def need to devote some money to holiday shopping).

For example, if you buy your big purchase now, maybe you’ll hold off buying little things for a month so your wallet can recover. Be responsible with your money and remember that there will always be something new you would like to have, but there’s a big difference between what you need and what you’d like. Good luck!

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by Alyssa Bailey | 2/1/2016
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