Emma Stone: Bleach babe or big mistake?

Do blondes really have more fun? Emma Stone seems to think so with her new blond-with-bangs do. (Did Taylor start a trend or what?!)


The rising star switched up her locks to play Gwen Stacy, the blonde love interest in the new Spider-Man flick, which is due out in theaters next year.


While it was def a shock for everyone at GL when we saw Emma's new 'do, GL staffers are a li'l divided. Fashion queen Jess hates it when red heads go blonde. Beauty editor Katie A. has got one word for it: "Blech!" Online expert Brittany is feelin' the change, while entertainment editor Trish is stayin' out of this catfight.


So what do you think, girlies? Vote in the comments!


- Love it! Emma is a total blonde bombshell

- Hate it! I would kill for her fiery red hair, and she goes and dyes it?!

- When you're Emma Stone, you could shave your head and *still* look fab.


by GL | 2/1/2016