GIRL TALK: Why Sisters Rock!

Hey, Girlies: We have two G-Blog Stars du Jour today! You know them as Paper Heart (a.k.a. Jordyn) and Tilly~Tacs (a.k.a. Taylor) and we just found out that they are sisters! As a suprise for her lil sis, Jordyn wrote this adorable essay. And in a way, it's for all of us. Cuz here on G-Blog, it's like we're all sisters anyway!

Special thanks to Paper Heart, who's also an awesome poet, for sharing yet another piece of her writing talent with us! ~xojb~


Like all sisters, Taylor and I don’t always get along. Being different as night and day, as well as having four years between us, has contributed to some pretty nasty fights in the past. But the thing is, every time we would fight, our dad would have us hug and remind us that “sisters are the best.” Honestly? I used to sort of roll my eyes at that clichéd saying. But now I get it – he’s right. And here’s why…

10. You have to love each other. No matter what. If you skip school, embarrass yourself, act stupid again and again, go ga-ga over some guy, your sister will still love you. Even if you embarrass her in the process. Know why? Because it’s in the family handbook – you have to love your
sister, even when you hate her.

9. If you get creeped out during the night, she’s the one you’ll wake up. Sure, you’re fifteen and getting your driving permit next week, but sometimes the shadows in your room still make you think there’s a killer in the hallway. What do you do? Go sneak into your sister’s bed, of course. Logically you know that (a) there’s no killer and (b) if there was, you two wouldn’t stand a chance! But you also know that (c) a and b don’t matter when you’re scared to death. And your sis won't mind!

8. She tells you the stuff she won’t tell Mom and Dad. She won’t tell Mom what she ate for lunch, but she’ll tell you about how the cafeteria’s spaghetti looked like dead earthworms. She won’t tell Dad the name of the boy she sits next too in math, but she’ll tell you that his name’s Henry and he picks his nose when nobody’s looking. She won’t tell either of them what her friends and her talk about, but she’ll tell you all about the note Jessica passed to James that, somehow, the whole class ended up reading. Get the point?

7. She (instinctively) knows when you’re down in the dumps. And she’s ready to cheer you up with a hug, lame joke, or hot chocolate, even if you’re not ready to talk about it. Just found out your crush likes Beth? Failed your Algebra mid-term? Got into a huge fight with your best friend, Emily? Never fear, sister’s here! Even if you don’t want to tell her all about what happened, she’ll still be there to pass you the Kleenex and keep you company.

6. She’s the only friend you can have sleepovers with every night. You wanted your own room for years, and now that you’ve got it you’re begging to sleep in your big sister’s room every night. (Sound familiar, Taylor?) Yep, even though it can get really annoying, in the end it’s nice to know she wants to be with you. And besides, nothing beats staying up talking at two in the morning on a Sunday night, right?

5. You’re both losers. Okay, so maybe you’re not a loser (neither is she!). But you feel like it some days (like when you spill an entire glass of orange juice on your lap and walk around the rest of the day looking like you had an “accident”), right? Well, the good news is that when those days roll around, she’s there to remind you what a loser she is, too.

4. You roll your eyes together when Mom starts droning on (and on, and on). You know Mom, you love Mom. But sometimes when she goes off about how you guys need to stop leaving your backpacks in the middle of the living room, you just tune her out. Around the time she compares your room to a toxic waste zone because you forgot to bring out your dirty ice cream bowl
(again!), it’s nice to know someone else also thinks Mom’s crazy.

3. She lets you be whoever you want to be. Okay, so she calls the Chess Club “Geek Central” and will never in a million years understand why on this earth you would want to join. But even so, she’s the one telling your parents not to bug you when you’re catching up on the fine art of checkmate. The point is, she might not get it, but she’s still going to support you.

2. You’re always on the same side. You fight like cats and dogs, but when it comes right down to it, you’ll always be on the same side. If she’s gonna beg Mom and Dad for a cell phone, you’ll be the rational one explaining to them why she deserves one. If you’re in the pit of despair because the most annoying girl in the world is dating your crush, your sister’s the one telling you why you were, are, and always will be so much better than Miss Annoying.

1. You’re jealous of her. And she’s jealous of you. Come on, admit it, you’re jealous. Does she recycle? Do you think she’s smarter than you? It doesn’t matter why, what matters is that you’re jealous, in some way, of her. And she’s jealous of you too. It’s nice to know, when you’re lamenting your low Science grade because Sis gets straight-A’s, that she’s probably thinking how unfair it is that she got acne while your face could be in a Neutrogena commercial. Sure, it’s superficial and petty, but it’s the truth.


Sisters Really ARE The Best
That's "Normal" Jordyn (left) & "Crazy" Taylor (right)
Could they be any cuter????

GIRL TALK: Do you adore your sis or bro? Rockin' the only child thing? Feel like your Aunt So-and-So or BFF is like your big sister? Blog about what it's like to be in your fam!

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