Ed blog: The high-tech fitness gear we swear by

I’m not exactly a high-tech kind of gal. My fave workouts require essentially zero equipment, and I’d rather be chilly and run outside than track my workout on a treadmill. But a girl can’t shape up by jogging alone.
That’s why I was psyched to download the NikeWomen Training Club app. It lets you set a goal for your workout (like “get toned” or “get strong”) and then serves up a plan accordingly. You can spend 15 minutes focused on abs or 30 minutes doing a crazy cardio blast.
OK, so you need an iPhone or iPod Touch to rock this app, but I could totally envision a low-tech version of it, too. Get together with a friend and agree on a focus for your workout. Cardio is your goal? Rock a warm-up. Then, take turns coming up with cardio moves you can each do for a minute (examples: sprinting up a nearby hill, jumping jacks, running with high knees, dancing around your room). Keep going until you’ve worked it out for about 20 minutes. Cool down, stretch and call it a day. You can do the same thing with arms, abs, legs or anything else. Pull up your fave GL workout and mix the moves in with cardio bursts.
I chatted with a couple of the other GL staffers to see what their fave geeky fitness gear is. The results? Trish loves the video game Just Dance 2, which now tracks the number of calories you burn and lets you know the sweat-level of each song. Keri hearts her Nike+ kit. It goes into her sneaks and monitors her runs. Gotta love a little digital intervention, right?
Blog it out… What’s your fave fitness gadget?
Healthy hearts,
Katie A.


by Katie Abbondanza | 2/1/2016