I want to be a singer, but my parents don't take me seriously

I really want to be a singer, but I feel like my parents don't take me seriously. Whenever I try to tell my mom I want to be a singer, she says I'm too shy and that I’ll never be able to sing in front of a crowd.

Doesn’t it stink when parents don’t support your dreams? Trust me, I know where you’re coming from. I actually wanted to be an archeologist growing up, but my mom told me that it was something silly to get into. But guess what? The best way to get the support you want in situations like this is to prove your family wrong.
Talk it out.
I would suggest that you sit down and seriously tell your parents that this is something you’re truly interested in getting into. And if that doesn’t work, prove that you have what it takes by getting your family together and putting on a little show. Sing for them and let them see that you’re not shy to get in front of a crowd. Now, I know that it can be scary singing for your parents, so I’ve also got another alternative: record yourself singing in your most comfortable setting, upload the video on YouTube, then show your mom and dad the video.
Get involved.
Try joining a singing group at school (glee club maybe?) or at church (a choir will do the trick!), or start a band with some friends and enter in talent shows or local contests. Invite your family to come out and see you in your rocker glory and gain that love and support for this endeavor that you deserve.
Just remember…
If this is a dream that you really want to follow, you have to take the necessary steps to make it happen, whether anyone thinks you can do it or not. So long as you’ve got faith in yourself to make it happen, it will. Keep singing and good luck!
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by Afiya Augustine | 2/1/2016
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