Dealin' with brain drain

I’m 12, and I’m worried about my memory loss. It’s gotten a lot worse in my pre-teen years. I forget to call my mother after school, I forget my homework…it’s getting really out of hand, and I’m getting in trouble for it. Should I go see a doctor, or will I outgrow this nightmare?
I’m sure what you are going through can’t be easy, and is probably a little frightening. I would recommend that you see a doctor, just to be sure everything is OK. He may want to do a brain scan to check for any abnormalities or just have a talk with you to discuss the matter further.
At the same time, not getting enough sleep as well as not eating right can cause memory loss such as you are experiencing. I know it sounds cliché, but getting at least eight hours of sleep and avoiding junk food while eating plenty of fresh fruits, veggies and lean meat really can improve your memory and stop the brain drain you are dealing with.
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by Shelby Conques | 2/1/2016