Take the Random Acts of Kindness challenge

We are smack-dab in the middle of Random Acts of Kindness Week, which spans February 14 through 20. Since today is officially Random Acts of Kindness Day, we are urging GL readers to launch their own kindness campaign.


Here’s the challenge: Every day, we want you to commit one random act of kindness. Big or small, we think you’re the key to making this world a better place. Think you’re up to it? We’ve got 20 ideas to get you started.


1. Help an elderly neighbor with his groceries


2. Bring a home-baked goody to your bus driver


3. Send an anonymous thank-you card to your favorite teacher


4. Donate used children’s books to a classroom


5. Set out Mom’s weekday breakfast before she comes downstairs


6. Invite the quiet girl in class to join your group for a project


7. Read to kids at your local library


8. Return a rogue shopping cart to the store


9. Toss the litter you see on the sidewalk into a trashcan


10. Start a recycling initiative


11. Leave a generous tip


12. Sprinkle salt on your neighbor’s sidewalks before or after a storm


13. Offer up a smile and a friendly greeting to people you pass


14. Clean your room before Mom asks you to


15. Cut the drama and be genuinely kind to a frenemy


16. Collect canned food for a food bank


17. Hug your dad, in public, just because


18. Send a postcard to a far-away friend


19. Burn your fave playlist onto a CD for your buds


20. Share a toy, game or book with a younger sib


Got any more sensational suggestions for a random act of kindness? Dish ‘em out, girlies!


by Brittany Taylor | 2/1/2016