How can I help my fam get through a tough time?

Right now my neighbors are going through a tough time. My mom tells me to not worry about them or her, but I know that it's causing a lot of stress on their family as well as ours. How can I help my family and neighbors get through these tough times?

My darling friend, I wish I knew more about the situation to try to pinpoint a specific solution for you, but unfortunately, I can only generalize the best thing for you to do—try your best not to fret.

Don’t stress
I’ve been where you are, and I am currently battling a similar situation. While it hurts to step aside and let the two troubled parties figure out things by themselves, the situation cannot get any better if you are stressing yourself over it. Soon you will lose concentration on more important things, like school and all the other responsibilities you have, and that will not be a helpful addition to the ongoing problems. 
Stay strong
I know it’s easier said than done when you’re told to “not worry,” but you have to try, if not for your own good, than for everyone else. You have to be strong in these times when you’re family seems vulnerable.
Offer up a distraction
If you’re looking for a way to help your family and your neighbors out, suggest an activity to release some tension and ease everyone’s minds. Try a potluck dinner night where the families can get together, enjoy some food and discuss the positive things going on with and around them. Have a movie night where everyone sits in front the tube enjoying some home popped popcorn and a scary flick. Doing these things will hopefully remind them that they are a family and whatever it is that you all are going through, you can get through it together.
I hope that helps. Good Luck!  

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by Afiya Augustine | 2/1/2016