Running Emotions - An original short story

Hey girls! Here’s an original short story written by a GL reader just like you. Leave your critiques in the comments please.
Running Emotions

I stand there for a moment, listening, and then it registers... And then suddenly, it hits me, hard. Everything you had said to me, everything I had trusted you with, it was all a lie.

You didn't love me, and you never would. My head ached, my chest heaved, as if I couldn't catch my breath. So instead of standing there, listening and waiting, I left.

I walked away from you, left you standing in the park, alone. And as soon as I was out of sight, around the corner, I ran. Halfway down the block my shoes were digging into my perfectly pedicured feet, so I pulled them off and kept running.

My jeans were hot, and tight on my muscled legs, and my curly hair made my neck sweat, but I didn't stop.

The cold pavement felt suprisingly good on my bare feet. The wind whipped into my ears and helped to shut out the sound of your voice.

As long as I kept running, no one and nothing could catch me. You couldn't hurt me, in fact you couldn't even touch me.

I didn't pay attention to where I was going, all I knew was how I was going to get there. Soon, without realizing it I had run straight across the town, what had seemed like only a few minutes had actually been miles. And it had begun to rain once I reached the river.

When I reached the familiar neighborhood, I suddenly realized that I had known where I wanted to go the entire time.

As I ran up the front walk, I tossed my shoes aside, onto the bright green grass, freshly misted from the rain.

My hair was soaked, my jeans stuck to my skin, and my shirt was wet through, but I knocked hard on the door anway, desperately hoping that someone was home.

Just as I was ready to walk away, figuring that everyone must be out, the door opened. A tall boy stood in the doorway, his sea-blue eyes suddenly concerned after seeing me. And despite the rain, he closed the door behind him and came out to meet me on the sidewalk.

His strong arms wrapped me in a hug, his sweatshirt felt warm on my skin. He only said two words, "Lets walk." But it is enough. I suddenly can't hold it in, running had kept the tears from falling, but no longer could I hold it in. We sat on a bench placed near the pathway and I tell him. Tell him how I had given my heart to a guy who was only using me, who never really loved me at all. He wrapped his arm around, my wet, sweaty body, and I relax.

After I am done telling my story, I just sat there in silence listening to him breathe. And then after a while, we stood up again, and started to walk back. He was quiet as if contemplating what to say, and then finally when we were halfway back to the house he stopped me. His lips started to speak but I stopped him, he didn’t have to say anything to me, because suddenly I realized that being with him was all I needed. Just seeing him was enough. I looked into his eyes, and said three words, "I Love You." And by the look on his face I knew that he loved me too.

I reached my arms around his head and pulled him into me. The kiss reassured everything that I must have really known all along, that we belong together.
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by GL Reader | 2/1/2016
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