Recently some of you fab bloggers have been saying GL should have a place where girls can submit poems, stories, artwork or whatevs.

GOOD NEWS: We already do!

Check out YOU WROTE IT on for directions on how to submit your selftastic creations. Here's one of our faves...


Beautiful girls
By Maria L.

I might be black
I might be white
I may be in between

I might be Christian
Or maybe Jewish
There’s no right to be mean

I might buy my clothes at Hollister
Or garage sales, cuz that’s all I can get
Who cares if I’m not popular?
I have friends nonetheless

I have 2 parents who love me
Mine died so I have none
Trust me, if you tease me
I’ll cry when the day is done

I get straight A’s in school
I’m getting mostly D’s
I’m too scared to say it to your face
But stop it! Stop it please!

Everyone’s telling me what to think
What to say and how to act
I want to just be myself
And that’s definitely a fact

But how to do it? I don’t know
I’m too influenced already
I’m growing not into me
But everything around me

Every teenage girl obsesses
About how fat or ugly they are
You know what girls?
We’re beautiful! We really, truly are!

You know they’re fake and insecure
Just following the stampede
We’re way too good for that
Make your own life to lead

11/20/2006 7:00:25 PM
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