Meet the rockstars of Lemonade Mouth

If you’ve grabbed a copy of our latest April/May issue, you’ve probably delved a little deeper into the thoughts of covergirls Bridgit Mendler, Hayley Kiyoko and Naomi Scott—the leading ladies of Disney Channel’s latest movie, Lemonade Mouth.


But who exactly are the characters we’re about to meet when the flick premieres Friday, April 15 at 8 p.m. ET/PT? We caught up with the stars while they shot scenes on the film’s Albuquerque, N.M., set to find out.
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    Based on the book by the same name, Lemonade Mouth follows a band of five misfits stuck in detention. Realizing they each have a passion for music, they throw their talent together to form a rock band that launches them from outcasts to out-of-this world cool, breaking down boundaries in their clique-y school.
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    We’ll see…Olivia White

    Played by the loveable Bridgit Mendler, she’s the timid Lemonade Mouth lead singer and songwriter and the voice that recounts the story of how the band came to be.


    Why we’ll love her: Because she’s clever! “She’s the creative mind for the band,” Bridgit tells us.


    Life imitating art? “I have my shy moments. Like Olivia, I can daydream and go off into my own world.”

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    We’ll see…Wen Gifford

    It’s Zeke and Luther’s Adam Hicks like we’ve never seen him before. Wen’s the bold keyboardist of the band. Relatable to some, he struggles with the acceptance of his dad’s new GF throughout the flick.


    Why we’ll love him: Because he has a strong drive for success. “He’s super and amazing and very passionate about his music,” Adam tells us.


    Life imitating art? Like Wen, Adam has a musical side. He’s been rapping for over 10 years! “I get most of my inspiration from people I hang out with.”  

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    We’ll see…Stella Yamada

    Played by our girl Hayley Kiyoko, she’s the confident electric guitarist of Lemonade Mouth who strives to stand apart from her fam’s scholarly accomplishments.


    Why we’ll love her: Because we all want to be her! “She’s fearless, very confident and has her own unique style,” Hayley tells us.


    Life imitating art? Like Stella, Hayley has a knack for leadership. “Freshman year of high school, one of my proudest moments was running for class president. I didn’t make a speech, I rapped in front of everyone.”

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    We’ll see…Charlie Delgado

    Charlie (played by Blake Michael) is the swoon-worthy Lemonade Mouth drummer who wants nothing more than to break free from his older bro’s shadow.


    Why we’ll love him: Because, aside from his drumming, he has an ah-mazing wardrobe. “He’s wealthy, so his clothes are crazy,” Blake tells us. “His backpack looks like a jetpack. The wardrobe is my favorite part.”


    Life imitating art? Blake actually had to learn drums for this role. Cool, right? And he seems to have a fab fashion sense like Charlie. “I like cool clothes and then topping them with watches, jewelry, that kind of thing.”

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    We’ll see…Mohini Banjaree

    “Mo” to most, this Lemonade Mouth bassist (played by Naomi Scott) struggles to meet her strict parents’ high expectations.


    Why we’ll love her: Because she’s got it all together. “She’s pretty organized and prim and proper,” Naomi tells us.


    Life imitating art? “I’m pretty different. [Mo’s] so busy with work and homework and I was always giving in homework late. She also thinks before she acts, which is very different from me. Sometimes I just go for it!”

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by Patricia McNamara | 2/1/2016
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