10 ways to prep for your period

Spring is finally here and I’m freaked I’m gonna get surprised by my period when I’m wearing something cute. What should I do to be prepared?


No need to worry, babe. With our top-10 period tips, you can keep Aunt Flo under control all season long.


1. Stock up. Keep a few pads and panty liners in your backpack, purse or locker…just in case. While you can always head to the nurse, chances are your supplies will be much handier…and a li’l less embarrassing, too.


2. Bathroom break. If you’re feelin’ extra-wet down there or have been super-crampy, take a trip to the restroom every so often to make sure you’re not bleeding through your undies. You might feel silly ducking into the lav during passing time, but you’ll be glad ya did if you catch early spotting or a heavy flow.


3. White out. We hear so many horror stories about girls who ruined their fave white shorts or khaki pants. If your tummy is a little upset or you’re starting to cramp up, do yourself a favor and stick with darker clothes. Who wants to start their period and ruin their fave duds, all in one day?


4. Rub-a-dub. Scrubbing out the blood right away is the best way to keep your clothes out of the trash. Use warm to hot water and soap to work out bloodstains. Keep cold water at bay since it’ll set the stain in seconds and make it much more difficult to remove.


5. What’s that smell? No one should be able to catch a whiff of your period, but if you’re feeling self-conscious, rinse off before you head to school and went you get home. A couple of splashes of lukewarm water will freshen things up.


6. Changing room. Keep a change of clothes in your locker in case you bleed through. You can even pull on fresh undies in the bathroom if yours are messy. Just toss the old pair in the trash or stow them in a plastic bag until you can bring them home.


7. Medicine cabinet. Not feeling so hot? Over-the-counter medications like Midol can be lifesavers, especially when major bellyaches make ya wanna skip sports practice or a big math test. Check your school’s rules on student medication and drop a bottle off at the nurse’s office if necessary.


8. Be active. Something as low-key as a walk around your neighborhood can help you ditch the aches and pains that come with your period. Even if you’d rather curl up in bed, try to get moving. It’ll help, I promise!


9. Give tampons a try. You can’t go swimming when you’re wearing a pad, and if you’re an athlete, chances are you won’t be too comfy when it’s time to get your game on. Park yourself on the toilet one afternoon when you don’t have your period and give tampons a try.


10. Talk to your mom. Whether you’re curious about what it feels like or need to get supplies, you really ought to share this stage of your life with your mom. She’s been there, she’s knows what’s going on and she’s gonna find out anyway…so why not get the awkward convo over with, OK?

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by Brittany Taylor | 2/1/2016