SOUND OFF: You Wrote It


By: Anonymous

Running in the grassy fields
stopping to take a breath,
I fall into the grass
and it surrounds me.
I sink into the smell of newness.
As I drift into dreams that feel like cotton clouds
the wind blows and feels cool on my skin.
The sun is blistering but I ignore the heat.
As my mind wanders, I dream of a beach.
Hot sand and cold waves.
But as I open my eyes all I see are the fields in which I run.
So I pick myself up off the ground and bolt off again,
never thinking of the beach.
Only leaping through the grass.

I pull open the screen door,
into the air conditioned oasis.
I reach for a glass of lemonade.
Puckering my lips, enjoying the sour taste.
I finish.
I leap out onto the porch.
Settling in the swing, the breeze swiftly carries me away.
An afternoon nap.

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2/18/2008 8:22:37 AM
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