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Shaving Basics-When to start shaving
Shaving is a responsibility, and if you decide to start you should feel comfortable with it.
Q. When is the right age to start shaving?
A. Although 6th grade is an average time for girls to start shaving, it is not set in stone. Just like in anything, choosing when to shave is all up to you and your rents.Don't feel rushed, you have the rest of your life to shave!

Q. How can I make shaving less time consuming? It takes forever!
A.The first way to shave some time off your routine is to shave often, that way the hair grows back softer and finer each time, making it easier to remove to begin with. Also, make sure you press the razor firmly (but not too firmly) against skin when shaving so that you won't have to do a second sweep.

Q. What is razor burn? How does it happen?
A. Razor burn is an irritation of the skin and many things can actually cause it. The two most common causes are using a dull blade and not moisturizing your skin enough before shaving.

Q. How can I get the closest shave?
A. The first step is to soak in a warm bath or shower for two-to-three minutes to hydrate hair. Then apply a moisture rich shave gel, such as Gillette Satin Care for Women. The shave gel will help keep moisture in the hair and helps the razor glide gently over the skin.

Q. I’m scared! Does shaving hurt?
A. Do not be scared or afraid to shave! Women and girls shave all time, and soon enough it becomes routine. Just remember to take your time and use shaving cream to avoid nicks and cuts-the only hurtful thing about shaving. 

Q. Is it okay to dry shave?
A. Never shave dry. If you do this will cause irritation and possibly cuts. Water—and shave gel—is critical for a comfortable shave. It acts as a barrier and helps the razor glide over skin.
Q. What are follicles??
A. Hair follicles house the root of each hair strand. They live below the hair root underneath surface of your skin.
Q. How much money does a Venus embrace razor cost??
A. The Venus Embrace price differs from geographic location, by store and by quantity in the pack. The price can range from $8-$12. Be sure to check your local area for exact pricing.
Q. Do I shave up or down?
A. The direction to shave depends on the body part you are shaving. Usually, you’ll want to shave in the direction of hair growth first, and then against it to achieve the closest shave possible. For areas like your bikini line, shave downward so you don’t get ingrown hairs!

Talking to Mom
When it comes to talking to mom it can be a tough convo to start. Dial 5 on the Venus Fuzz Free Fone for five great tips for talking to mom about shaving.

Q. My mum does not like shaving, and most likely does not wan me to shave. How can I ask her?
A. There are definitely a few reasons for not liking shaving! Try to start a conversation with your mom first. You should note that you respect that she may not shave or want you to shave, but that it's perfectly normal for girls your age to start shaving and you think you're ready to start.

Q. How do I ask my mom without being embarrassed?
A. Some girls are naturally a little shy about these topics. But just remember that your mom was your age once too! A great icebreaker might be to ask how old she was when she first started shaving?
Q. My mom won’t let me shave. How can I convince her to let me?
A. Moms can be tough about shaving because they still look at you as their little girl! However, try sitting down and having a “grown up” conversation about it. Just be honest with her about your reasons for wanting or needing to shave and ask for her support. Don’t give up, and she’ll come around!
Q. My mom says the hair on my legs will get ugly and black and my legs will look ugly if I shave now (I’m 12). Is this true?
A. Not at all! What your mom may be talking about is stubble, or the short hairs that grow back after shaving. This is just a sign that it’s time to shave again! Your mom may be uneasy about you shaving, but if you feel it’s necessary, talk to her about why it’s important to you!

How Often to Shave
Is there such as thing as shaving too much or too little? Read on

Q. How often should you shave?
A.That’s really up to you! Some women shave every day, while others shave once or twice a week. Since shaving is personal, you can decide how often you need to shave in order to feel confident and smooth!
Q. Is it bad to shave every time you see little hairs growing back in?
A. There's no need to over do it when it comes to shaving. Hair grows back - and that is that. If you want to shave more often in the spring and summer when your legs are exposed, once a day is plenty. Anything more could irritate your skin.

Q. How often should you shave your legs in the summer?
A. Well we would say everyday if your legs are exposed and you want them to stay feeling super soft, but every other day is a little more doable. Just remember to moisturize!
Q. Is it better to shave in the morning or at night?
A. There’s not a better or right time of the day or night to shave. If you have early plans that require smooth, hairless legs you might want to shave the night before if you won’t have time in the morning. Or if you need a nice, clean shave for the rest of your day and have the time, shaving in the morning may be best. The time of day is up to you, as long as you have the time!
Q. How do you make your shave last longer before the hair grows back?
A. In order to make your shave last longer, first soak the area in warm water. This softens the hair, which creates an easier shave. If you feel comfortable enough with the shaving process, you can also shave in the opposite direction of hair growth to get a closer shave. Make sure you are moisturizing daily, especially right after shaving while your skin is moist, which will hydrate your skin and keep you feeling soft and smooth.

Tools of The Trade 
Blade Business

Q. Is this a good razor for first time shavers?
A. Definitely. The new Venus Embrace Shine razor has a newly designed handle for an even better grip and inside the package is a "Shave Tips to Shine" guide that includes info on when to change your blade and more. Plus it packs a  punch of purple, adding some color to your shower experience.

Q. Is having an electric shaver better than a manual one?
A. Electric shavers have their pros and cons. They are quick, safe, and no water is needed. However, you have to shave more frequently and skin won’t be as smooth as a wet shave.
Q. Do you make throw away type razors? Are those bad?
A. Yes, Venus does and they are not bad. There are disposable razor heads and disposable razors  (you throw away the handle and the razor). You can't go wrong no matter what you choose! Of course, each razor has unique benefits to consider. A refillable Venus razor lets you try out all of the different blades Venus has to offer.  On the other hand, Venus Disposable razors have no assembly required and offer use-and-toss convenience for a fresh razor blade in an instant. For those on-the-go, a disposable razor means no worries if it gets left behind.

Shaving Creme vs. Soap
What's the difference?

Q. I use a bar a soap instead of shaving cream is that bad for me??
A. The truth is some girls skin can stand to shave with just soap. Other girls have sensitive skin and will need shaving creme to prevent irritation. It's definitely the best option to shave with, but if you're in a bind then soap is better than nothing at all.

Q. What happens if you shave without shaving creme?
A.Somewhere in the beauty aisle of a drug store a can of shaving creme explodes! Just kidding. If you don't use shaving creme, you won't get the closest shave and you may experience more irritation post shave - like red bumps. Shaving creme moisturizes your skin and lifts the hair up, allowing for a closer shave. Plus it allows you to see where you've shaved.

Q.Is it better to use soap or shaving cream?
A. Shaving cream all the way! It holds moisture in your skin longer, which makes your hair easier to cut and your legs smoother after. Shaving gels or creams won’t clog up your razor either-major bonus!
Q. Where do they sell hair creams?
A. Hair creams are sold anywhere health and beauty products are sold such as drug stores, Target, Walmart and grocery stores.

Nicks & Cuts
Nicks can happen to anyone, even long time shavers! Read below to see how to decrease your odds.

Q. Please help I cut my leg just before my date and I was gonna wear a dress!!
A. Slapping a tiny piece of TP on the cut while getting out of the shower is always the quickest option to stop any immediate bleeding from shaving. Next, rinse the cut with water, and alcohol if needed. If its a bad cut apply Neosporin  which will speed up the healing time! Band-aids come in super cute designs these days, so grab your fave and have them on hand. It'll look cute with your dress, and hey if anyone asks you don't have to admit your scrape is from shaving.

Q. I always cut myself while shaving. What do I do to stop?
A. To ensure a smooth shave follow these easy directions: First, lather your legs with a moisturizing soap or shaving cream. With a fresh razor blade (after a couple of weeks, depending how often your shave, the blade gets dull and causes nicks and razor burn), shave your legs in the direction against hair growth (move the razor up your leg, not down it). Rinse out the blade throughout the process, removing already cut hair from the razor. This will allow for a clean shave all over. Afterward, be sure to rinse thoroughly and use a moisturizing lotion on your legs following your bath or shower.
Q. Can your cuts from shaving get infected?
A. Yes they can when not treated properly. When treating any other cut, clean it properly and use an antibiotic cream like Neosporin. Cover with a band-aid and to make sure to clean it after if you go swimming in any type of water like rivers or lakes.
Q. Should you shave over cuts and scrapes?
A. Nope! You should wait until the wound fully heals before shaving over it so that you don’t reopen the scab, which could cause scarring or an infection. Shave around the cut, not directly over it, and try placing a Band-Aid on top first so you don’t forget once you get in the shaving groove!

Why is it so important? Read on!

Q. Why do I need to moisturize?
A. The skin on women's legs is relatively dry because they have fewer oil-producing glands. Therefore, it gives some hydration and helps to maintain softer skin after shaving!
Q. Why do my legs sometimes feel dry and pale after I shave, even if I moisturize?
A. Since shaving doesn’t affect skin tone, the paleness you see might just be dryness. Make sure that you moisturize right when you get out of the shower or bath, while your skin is still moist, so it can really absorb the moisturizer. If you’re still feeling dry, take a look at what kind of moisturizer you’re using – some have more vitamins and minerals in them or hold a specific purpose, so make sure to read the label before buying!

Finding your way to the smoothest shave.

Q. How can I get my legs extra smooth after shaving?
A. To get smoother legs, rinse thoroughly and pat dry. Don’t rub too harshly and don’t dry off completely. The extra water will be sealed in as you apply moisturizer, helping to eliminate dry, flaky skin, especially on legs.

Q. Why do I have a hard time shaving my ankles?
A. Ankles are harder to shave because the bone is closer to the skin. The best way to shave your ankles is to apply plenty of shave gel to the area and allow it to soak in as much as possible. Shave slowly and with little pressure.

Q. What are some tips for shaving your legs?
A. To better increase the results of shaving, make sure you’re using a moisturizing shaving cream or gel. Soap can leave your skin dry and more prone to cuts. You should also try shaving against the grain (in the opposite direction of the way your hair is growing) to get a closer, cleaner cut. Of course, you should always use a fresh blade. The result will be a smoother shave that lasts a little longer.

Q.How can I shave my knees without cutting them?
A.Shaving your knees is pretty tricky thing to do because of how close your skin is to your bone! The best thing to do is to exfoliate and lather up with some shaving cream before so your skin absorbs the moisture. Shave slowly and gently, and try to curve your razor to the shape of your knee!
Q. Should you shave your thighs?
A. Some girls shave to just above the knee; some shave their thighs, too. If your hair is fine and pale, you may not want to bother with the added step of shaving your thighs. There's no wrong way for shaving legs—just decide what feels right for you. It also does not hurt to shave your thighs either. Remember once you start shaving your thighs you will need to continue to keep those legs smooth.
Q. Should I shave my legs or get them waxed like my mom?
A. Choosing to shave or wax your legs is totally up to you! Some women, like your mom, prefer waxing over shaving because the results last longer since the hair is removed right from the root. However, waxing can be painful or dangerous if not done correctly by a professional, so make sure you choose a reputable salon or spa to try!

Arm Hair
To shave or not to shave?
Q. Is it okay to shave your arms? Mine are so hairy and I really want to!
A.Girls frequently will shave their arms during their teens. Let me just tell you from personal experience, your arms may be a little hairier than you'd like but you'll get tired of shaving them and when the hair grows back in, it won't be in one nice and neat direction like it started! It will look funny for a while. Waxing your arms or using lotions may be a better option. Our advice is if you insist your arms are too fuzzy, just lighten the hair while you're in the sun.

Down There - Bikini Line Business
This is a super sensitive area. Dial 9 on the Venus Fuzz Free Fone for basic bikini line tips then check out these Q&A's below.

Q. Should I shave my down there hair??
A. Shaving down there is all up to you. Some do it, and some don't. A lot of people may do it just during the summer for their bathing suits. It' s more of a question if you're comfortable with doing that. It also may prove good to talk to your mom about it. Although it may seem awkward, you're growing up and she went through the same things.

Q. Does it hurt to shave down there?
A. No, as long as it’s done right! Make sure to trim the hairs first with scissors so they  don’t  clog the razor. Next, take a warm shower or bath for at least 10 minutes to soften your skin. Using a new razor and fragrance-free shaving gel, shave downward in the direction of the hair. That last part is key, hence the italics. If you shave upward, against the hair, you’ll get in-growns (ugly) and razor burn (ouch).

Q. When I shave my bikini line, how can i get rid of those red bumps that pop up the next day?
A. Those zit-looking things are ingrown hairs that get trapped below the skin’s surface, resulting in irritation and swelling, just like a blemish. They can happen anywhere, but the sensitive bikini area is especially susceptible. Dr. Vivian Bucay, a dermatologist in San Antonio, TX, recommends an “application of a ½ or 1 percent over-the-counter hydrocortisone cream twice a day to minimize skin irritation and bumps after shaving.”
Q. Do you shave the WHOLE bikini line or just parts of it?
A. It is entirely up to you and your preference. Some girls prefer to go completely bare, others prefer to au natural and others prefer to just shave around the bikini line. Shave what you feel comfortable doing.
Q. Can I shave my pubic/bikini hair with Venus embrace?
A. Yes you can! Just be gentle and aware when shaving that area because it is sensitive to shave.

Stubble Trouble - Bumps, Irritation, and Ingrown Hairs
How to prevent it!

Q. How can you avoid getting razor burns?
A. You can avoid razor burns by shaving in the same direction as your hair, using a shaving cream with moisturizer, and make sure you're not shaving dry.

Q. What is razor burn? How does it happen?
A. Razor burn is an irritation of the skin and many things can actually cause it. The two most common causes are using a dull blade and not moisturizing your skin enough before shaving.
Q. Why do my legs have black/brown dots on my legs even after I shave?
A. According to Dr. Vivian Bucay, a dermatologist in San Antonio, TX, spotting “dots” on the legs after shaving is fairly common, “Shaving removes the top portion of the hair, but not the root,” she explains. To minimize the appearance of those “dots,” Dr. Bucay suggests exfoliating your legs with a body scrub to eliminate dead skin. Also, use a sharp razor (don’t hang on to those disposables too long!) and a good quality shaving gel like Skintimate. “With continued use, hair re-growth will be finer and not appear as dark,” she says.
Q. I've used all of your ((AWESOME!!)) tips on shaving your bikini line and underarms, but I still get red bumps everywhere!! Anymore tips?
A. Thanks for reading and using our tips! Some girls just have more sensitive skin than others. If this continues trying contacting your dermatologist and working with your doctor on a solution.  
Q. What do you do about ingrown hairs?
A. Ingrown hairs most commonly form when shaving is done incorrectly or aggressively. It occurs when the tip of the hair curls back or grows sideways into the skin. To prevent ingrown hairs, shave in the direction your hair grows! (Hint: Take your hand and rub it over your hair upward and downward, whichever direction feels less coarse is the way to go!) Once an ingrown hair makes its way to the surface, use tweezers to pluck and remove it for good!

Underarm Alarm
For tips to perfect pits dial 8 on the Venus Fuzz Free Fone then check back here for even more mysteries solved.

Q. When do you grow underarm hair?
A. Underarm hair comes in with puberty. Don't worry if you don't have it yet, some girls have less and some have slightly more. It's different for everyone. There's no set age, but 6th grade all the way up to 12th grade is a normal time to start experiencing it.

Q. You’re supposed to moisturize after shaving, but does that include your armpits? Do they even need any moisturizer because I have never heard about putting lotion on armpits.
A. You are correct, there's no need to put lotion on your armpits unless they are unusually dry or extremely irritated. If that's the case, you could apply a tiny dab of pure aloe gel (they kind you use for a sun burn) otherwise you're fine with just applying deodorant.

Q. How do I avoid getting cuts on my armpits while shaving them?
A. Be sure to wash your underarms with soap and warm water to remove oils and deodorant reside. Then apply a moisture rich shave gel and use a razor designed for sensitive and hard-to-reach places.
Q. How do you shave your pits easily?
A. For an easier shave, you want to make your armpit as flat as possible! To do this, raise your arm and try to touch the back of your neck with your hand. Since underarm hair can grow in all directions, shave up, down and even side to side.

Waxing and other hair removal methods
Sometimes ya have to look go beyond the blade

Q. I hate hairy legs but I hate shaving because it hurts, so what now???
A. If you don't like shaving there are other options. Waxing and hair removal creams are two of the most popular. Before doing either though make sure you research them some. Creams can cause rashes or irritate your legs, and waxing can be painful. However, if you're shaving with a proper razor, water, and shaving cream, it shouldn't hurt you.

Q. Is waxing better than shaving?
A. Though waxing keeps hair away longer than shaving (3-5 weeks), it is more painful. Do-it-yourself kits are available but getting it done professionally is the safest bet.
Q. Can Chemicals in hair removal creams damage my skin?
A. Yes, if not used properly. Depilatories are designed to dissolve the hair structure but also dissolve the areas of tissue where applied. Reddening affects and chemical burns are just some of the possibilities. Hair removal creams have come a long way but these side effects are still possible so ALWAYS FOLLOW THE MANUFACTURERS DIRECTIONS!

Sharing Razors
Is it OK?

Q. Is it safe to be sharing a razor with my mom and sister, or should I ask for my own?
A. You should absolutely ask for your own razor. Borrowing your mom or sis's razor on a very rare occasion is OK, but its definitely not hygienic. In addition to hair, razor's remove skin cells and bacteria on the top layer of your skin, with the risk of nicks and cuts - those are things you don't want to be sharing. Plus sharing means the blade would wear down three times faster that usual.

Shaving Myths
The 411 on hair growth

Q. Is it true that when you shave your hair grows back thicker and stronger?
A. According to Gillette scientists, shaving does not affect hair growth or change its color or texture in any way. Shaving might change the way the hair feels at first but once it grows back, it will be soft again.

Q. Can shaving lead you to dry and itchy skin?
A. Definitely not! Shaving with a razor actually helps skin look and feel smoother by removing the top layer of dead skin cells.
Q. If your razor is rusty, and you cut yourself, can you die? I saw this on 1000 ways to die!
A. No you cannot die but you have a chance of getting an infection if the wound is not cleaned and properly treated. Make sure to clean the cut with peroxide and use an antibacterial cream on the cut. Cover it with a bandage and to make to sure clean the wound everyday to kill off bacteria until healing has finished. If it is a deep cut, report to the hospital or doctor. You may needed stitches or other medical attention to properly treat it.

Other Fuzzy Spots
Do I shave 'em?

Q. I have peach fuzz on my tummy! Should I shave it?
A. Definitely not. Fuzz is natural in this area and should be left alone. It's usually very soft, fine, light hair, and hardly noticeable, however if you shave it the hair may come back darker and thus more noticeable.

Q. I look like I have a beard - help! What do I do?
A. Facial hair on girls is totally normal. Undesirable? Yes. We don't recommend a razor for this removal. So waxing, threading, or a hair removal creme will be the best option for your face. Bleaching is another option that helps dark hair look less noticeable and more like a natural less dramatic fuzz. All of these can be done at the salon or at home with over the counter products. Your mom, sis or another relative have probably experienced the same stash sitch, so talk to them first to see what they do.
Q. Can I shave hair on my upper lip?
A. While there's technically nothing wrong with shaving facial hair (guys
do it all the time!), most women prefer methods that allow for more control when it comes to hair removal for eyebrows and upper lip—like waxing, tweezing and depilatories.
Q. Should I shave my boobs?
A. Here is one no-no shaving spot! While stubble is perfectly okay on your legs between shaves, you definitely don’t want nipple stubble. As your body develops, hair grows all over—legs, underarms, stomach, pubic area and, yes, even your breasts. But on this sensitive area, a little fuzz is fine. But if you have extra long or dark hairs here that bother you, just pluck those suckers with tweezers!

by GL | 2/1/2016
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