10 fun things to do for Earth Day (and beyond)

The grass is green, the birds are singin’ and Earth Day? Yeah, it’s right around the corner. If you have spring fever and are SO ready to enjoy all that Mother Nature has to offer this season, look no further. We've got 10 stellar ideas to get you outta the house now, this weekend, next weekend...well, anytime, really. 
Plan a camp out with your friends

Sit down with your besties today to plan a weekend sleepover…outside. Borrow a tent from friends or family, grab your sleeping bags and find some good marshmallow-roasting sticks, stat.


Plant an herb garden in some DIY-decorated pots

It’s the perfect way to spend an afternoon with your buds and it doubles as a fantastic prezzie for Mom come Mother’s Day. We like thyme, rosemary, basil, mint and parsley.


Study in the sunshine

Grab an old blanket and your schoolbooks and bring school outside for an afternoon. Leave the techie distractions in your purse and soak up the sun while ya do your sums.


Climb a tree

When was the last time you explored a leafy canopy? Pull on some old jeans and scoot your way up a tree trunk. Hey, you could always haul up some water balloons to toss on your unsuspecting bro…


Play a pick-up game

Draw a four-square court on your driveway, pump some air into your sib’s basketball or get a game of kickball together in a col-de-sac.


Take your dog for a walk

Instead of letting your pooch out in the fenced-in backyard, scrounge up a leash and go for a stroll. Don’t have a dog of your own? Borrow a neighbor’s pup or phone up a friend.


Get your “om” on

Take your yoga mat outside and do your workout alongside Mother Nature. Can you feel that inner peace?


Scope out the clouds

Take 10 and stretch out on your back in the grass. With your babysitting charge, BFF or big bro, take a look at the sky and see what shapes the clouds are creating. Turn it into a competition for who can spot the most animals.


Bury a time capsule

Snag you’re a few sweeties and toss some memories of the past year into a box. Think photos, theater tickets and CDs that are totally now. Bury it with permission and makes plans to dig it up in the future.


Make it a competition

There are all sorts of contests you can hold outside: Who can blow the biggest soap bubble, who can spit the water melon seed the farthest, who can run around the house the fastest. Come up with an Olympic-style afternoon and have a blast, babe. May the best woman win!
What do you enjoy doing when the temps warm up? Share in the comments below.  


by GL | 2/1/2016