I lost my period

I used to exercise a lot and I lost a lot of weight. My mom got worried so she sent me to the doctor, and turns out I was underweight. My period stopped. A year later, I am back to a healthy weight, eating normally and not exercising at all, but my period hasn't come back. Have I lost it forever?

No, babe, chances are your period will return in its own sweet time. Getting your period isn't like turning a light switch on and off it's much more complicated than that. While it's great that you're at a healthy weight and you're treating your body right, it might take a bit longer for your bod to return to normal. The hormones that cause your period to start and stop are triggered by a variety of things, so once all of your bodily systems are back in order, your monthly visit from Aunt Flo should return like clockwork.

That being said, extremely disorder eating and exercising as well as malnourishment really can do enough damage to your body to make ya say buh-bye to your period and other signs of your healthfulness. You should definitely check in with your doc to make sure that your are in tip-top shape.

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by Brittany Taylor | 2/1/2016