10 ways to raise money for tornado victims

Tweens and teens across the U.S. are pulling together to support those affected by the recent mega-storms that tore through the South and Midwest. We’ve got 10 ways you, your friends, your classmates and your school can raise money and supplies to help the victims.

Hold a carwash…or a dog wash


Craft something quick ‘n’ cute and sell it at school events, neighborhood block parties or town fairs


Open a lemonade stand


Put together a bake sale to take place during a spring festival or a school sports game


Plan a dance before the end of the year and make it a sponsored dance-a-thon


Penny wars for a cause


Start a supply drive – think gently used jeans, toys or school supplies


Plan a battle of the bands and charge an admission fee


Work with your PTA to organize a silent auction, with goods donated by local businesses and proceeds going to victims


Hold a spelling bee for grown-ups. Get your teachers involved and put your parents onstage, too. ;


What are you doing to help by yourself, with your friends or with your school?


by Brittany Taylor | 2/1/2016