Give a dog a meal

Wanna support shelter animals but can’t adopt one yourself? Then log on to to answer a daily bow-wow trivia questions and donate 10 pieces of kibble to animal shelters across the nation.

Freekibble was started three years ago by Oregon teen Mimi Ausland, who wanted to help feed all of the hungry dogs and cats at her local animal shelter. Thanks to her hard work and ingenuity, thousands of animals now have full tummies.

While 10 pieces of kibble doesn’t seem like a lot, if you enlist your friends and do the math, you and nine buds could give a dog and a cat a free meal every single day. Not bad, huh?

It doesn’t matter if you ace the Q or not. This game is all about participation. For every person who answers the daily trivia question, Freekibble’s sponsor, Halo, Purely Pets, needs hungry pooches an all-natural meal. They’ve dished up 5,491,872 bowls so far thanks to people like you. 

Partial to cats? Freekibble Kat does the exact same thing for our feline friends. CLICK HERE to follow @freekibble on Twitter to donate a whole meal!


by Brittany Taylor | 2/1/2016