5 camp fears busted!

Heading to camp this summer and feelin’ a little freaked out about what you’ll find once ya get off the bus? It’s time to bust those fears so you can have a summer you’ll never forget!

I have no idea what to pack!
Although you may be tempted to stuff your entire summer wardrobe into your duffel bag, chances are you won’t need half of it. Whatever you bring runs the risk of getting dirty, wet or torn, so leave the flirty sundresses at home and opt for athletic or denim shorts and simple tees instead. Also, make sure you’ve got a raincoat and layers for all types of weather. As for makeup? Save for some chapstick and maybe waterproof mascara, you probably won’t need it. That’ll save space for the sunscreen and bug spray!

Insider tip: Some camps have dances or special dinners at the end of a session. They should let ya know what you need to pack (like a white dress or fancy shoes) before you get there.

I’m afraid I won’t make any friends. I’m shy!
The cool thing about summer camp is that the majority of the girls you’ll be living with don’t have a set group of friends yet, either. Your best bet is to get on the bus with confidence and strike up a conversation with that girl sitting next to you. A big smile and a friendly “Hey, what’s your name?” or “Where are you from?” should do the trick!

Insider tip: Take a lesson from The Parent Trap. Bringing tasty treats to share, a pack of cards or another fun thing could help ya strike up a conversation. Do make sure to follow camp rules, though.

I’m glued to my cell phone. How can I deal without it?
Most camps request that you don’t bring your cell phone, laptop or other electronics, so it’s time say see-ya-later to Facebook. If the idea of being disconnected all summer has ya buggin’, remember that everyone else is unplugged, too, and there’s no better opportunity to make friendships off screen.

Insider tip: We bet your days will be so packed, you won’t even notice the difference, so sign off with a smile, sweetie.

My swimming skills are subpar.
Worried you won’t pass the swimming test? Scared of heights? Don’t have that natural knack for paper-mâché? Stress less, girlie! You don’t have to be perfect at everything that’s thrown at you as long as you’re having fun. Plus, your camp pals will totally be willing to help you master any skill.

Insider tip: If you do happen to fall short, just laugh it off and no one will give it a second thought. Remember, even if you have to retake the swim test, you won’t be the only one.

What if I get too homesick?
Since summer camp forces you to break out of your comfort zone, wishing you had Mom or your bestie by your side is understandable. But homesickness shouldn’t keep you for having an awesome time. Be sure to keep yourself occupied with all sorts of fun activities like kayaking on the lake or archery. If you’re loaded up with interesting stuff to do, you won’t have a second to miss home and you may even start wishing you didn’t have to leave camp so soon.

Insider tip: The ‘rents and your girls will be psyched to get postcards from you telling them all about the amazing summer you’re having. Get scribblin’!


by Rhea Ramakrishnan | 2/1/2016
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