15 things to do on Dad's Day

Can’t think of a single thing you can do with your father and actually have fun? Hogwash! Sure, Dad might not be a teenager anymore, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t crazy cool. We’ve got 15 ideas—one of them is bound to lead to a day you and your number-one fan (that’d be Dad, duh!) won’t forget anytime soon.

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! Spend the day at the zoo together. When was the last time you and your dad visited the reptile room or fed the elephants? Chances are, it’s been years.

Pack a picnic. Take Dad to a local park, lake or scenic area with a picnic in tow. He’ll love the one-on-one time with Y-O-U…and munchies never hurt!

Backyard BBQ. Invite your fam’s best friends over for a delish dinner (or lunch, if you’d rather) to celebrate dear old Dad. Take lessons on manning the grill, you cooking queen, you.

One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish. Go pay the fishies a visit at your local aquarium. Scope out the jellies, make faces at the puffers and freak when ya get to the sharks.

Hit the road. Grab your bikes, buckle those helmets and get cycling. Plan your route so you can stop for a quick lunch or ice cream cone.

What’s cookin’? Enlist your sibs and man the kitchen to cook Dad’s favorite meal. Even better? Get him in on the fun!

Rock on. Is there one CD or playlist that your dad plays over and over again? Start taking notice so you two can rock out together at a concert. Who cares if it’s just a tribute band?

Play ball! Take Dad to a baseball game or sporting event that he digs. He will be psyched that you are taking interest in a sport that he loves, and he’ll be happy to give ya pointers or the 411 on the rules of the game.

Pass the popcorn. Pull out his favorite flicks of all time, grab a box (or two) of his numero-uno candy choice and pop some corn.

Take a trip down memory lane. Spend an afternoon pouring over old scrapbooks and watching home movies. Come on, you were totally cute in a onesie.

Nothing like a little healthy competition! Whether you two dual it out over an intense game of checkers or ping pong, the only rule is that Dad gets to win…maybe.

Hey there, handy girl. Give pops a hand with whatever project he’s working on, whether it’s weeding the garden, washing his car or painting a fence.

Goofy golfers. Hit up the local putt-putt course for a day of mini-golfing. He’ll love to show off his swing and hey, navigating a course of faux grass is always good for a few laughs, right?

Card shark. Pull out a fresh deck of cards and get gambling. Bet M&Ms or potato chips as you while away the day playing blackjack, poker, rummy, go-fish or any other game that floats your boat.

You go, daredevil. Head to an amusement park and spend hours soaring high above the ground on some truly crazy coasters. Yahooooo!

What’s your favorite thing to do with your dad, babes?


by Marilee Turner and Brittany Taylor | 2/1/2016