6 ways to make a difference in your spare time

Have a free afternoon? Use your downtime to make a difference in your community. We’re showing you who to call and what do to make the most of a summer off. Talk about a season of giving!

Volunteer at your local animal shelter. The animals are oh-so cute plus you’re really making a difference!

Phone up a nearby hospital or clinic and ask if they need any volunteers.

Donate old clothes to Good Will or the Salvation Army. Someone less fortunate will totally appreciate your gesture.

Serve lunch or dinner at a Soup Kitchen with your sweeties.

Help out neighborhood families by babysitting. You could have a lot of fun hanging out with the kids, and you'd be giving the parents a much-needed break from the madness.

See if you can assist with the Sunday school program at your church.

Help brighten up the lives of the elderly at a nursing home. To see your smiling face might really make their day. You can sing, dance, play games, read stories, bring in pets, just about anything you want.

Want more? We’ve come up with practically a million ways to help those in need. CLICK HERE for tons of ideas.

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by GL | 2/1/2016