Friends are like Windows...

By: Kristen E.


Friends are like windows,
When they break,
They can be fixed,
But there will always be a few cracks...
A new year,
We're in it together,
Side by side,
Till the end.
Or so I thought.
We were almost there,
Then she came along.
Now I can't find you,
You barely even say hi,
You left me,
Like a toy a toddler gets bored of.
Now I tear up,
Whenever I hear your name,
And clench my fists,
At that other one's voice.
I would be alone,
But I have other friends too,
But I will never forget you,
I'll hold you in my heart,
You'll see your errors,
And come back to me.
But alas it doesn't seem true,
So I'll just go,
With the wind,
A forgotten soul.
So I hope you see this plead,
To spend more time with me,
But if you don't,
I understand,
And I'll just shed,
One forgotten tear,
Onto a rose petal,
And let it sail in the wind,
To land elsewhere,
Away from here.
Good-bye for now,
Good-bye today,
I'll miss you,
But... please, don't stay.

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3/29/2008 2:05:00 PM
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