Should you go out with him?

You’ve seen that cutie in the halls, said hi, maybe chatted him up a bit? Now, it seems you’ve got him under your spell and he’s said the magic words: “Wanna hang out some time?” So, how do you know if he’s the right one for you? Are you really into him, or just testing the waters?
Focus on Feelings
Do you think about him a lot? Do you get butterflies when you’re around him? Think about how you feel when you’re with him, whether you’re really into this guy or just playfully flirting. Don’t say “yes!” just because you’re trying to make someone jealous or you’re just itching for a boyfriend. But if you’re really feeling the sparks, like you can’t imagine him being with anyone else, this is your golden ticket!
Check, 1, 2, 3…
So you think you’ve found the perfect hunny? Don’t agree to become full-out BF and GF until you know him a bit better. If he’s just the new hunk you’ve seen around the halls, you two may not be as compatible as you think.  Figure out what you two have in common--which means more face-to-face convos! While you don’t need a twin, a guy who’s obsessed with lax and punk music may not be the best match for a girl who loves ballet. But if you two hit it off during a play rehearsal? Sounds promising. Only talked a few times? Keep your options open, and don’t commit to a full-on date just yet--try a group outing so you can really see how you two mesh.
Opposites attract?
Maybe this guy is a part of your friend group, or he’s helped manage your b-ball team. Whatever it is, you sort of know him and he seems interested in you. But, you two have never really seemed to click just right. Whether it’s his jokes that tend to be more immature or his obsession with Star Wars, something about him has never really been attractive to you. Before you say yes, spend a little more time with him. Is he really an immature jokester, or do his crazy antics actually tickle your funny bone? Is his obsession his life--or does he just love a good movie? Now, no one is perfect (we all have strange obsessions and kooky humor) so don’t ditch him just because of one quirk. Hey, that’s what makes people interesting! If you can deal with or even come to like his personality, looks like you might have a match. But if his jokes are just cruel, or he’s into the wrong kind of stuff (drugs or alcohol), it’s def time to put the brakes on a date. Steer clear of this bad egg, and you’re sure to find a golden fella soon enough!


by Andi Cwieka | 2/1/2016
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