Radio Disney's N.B.T. Season 4: Will you be voting?

Radio Disney is kicking off the newest season of its hit music showcase "N.B.T" Next Big Thing this Sunday, October 16. Are you ready to decide who the next big thing will be?

Now in its fourth season, the competition has launched the careers of Allstar Weekend, Coco Jones and Kicking Daisies. And now, five new talented (but still unsigned!) artists will compete to have their single released by Disney Music Group.

A fan of the series? This round is sure to be more exciting than ever! New for this go ’round, you can buy your favorite artists’ singles on iTunes.

And for the very first time, there will be elimination rounds based on the votes that listeners (that’s you!) cast on and via text messages over the next 10 weeks.

Are you ready to meet this year’s crop of talented stars?
Check 'em out and blog about your faves!
  • zackmontana_240x.jpg
    Meet…Zack Montana
    This triple threat (he’s a pop singer, actor and dancer) has appeared in Danimals commercials, Disney Channel’s Camp Rock sweepstakes and in Billy Ray Cyrus’ “Somebody Said a Prayer” music video.
    Age: 14
    Musical Influences: Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley and Neo

    Check out:
    “It’s about a girl and a guy who like each other and it gets to a point where it could be ‘Serious,’” says Zack. “I love the energy of the crowd when I sing it live.”
    "Shorty's With Me"
    “It’s an anti-bullying-meets-love song about this girl who likes me, but older guy likes the girl, too,” Zack shares. “The guy starts bullying me and the girl because I have what he wants, even though he doesn't even know me.”
  • taybarton_240x.jpg
    Meet…Tay Barton
    This country singer/songwriter started singing in a children’s choir with her four sisters. So cute!
    Age: 15
    Musical Influences: Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood, Shania Twain, Lady Antebellum and Martina McBride

    Check out:
    "Live U, Love U, Breathe U"
    “It’s about first love and embracing every moment of it,” Tay shares. “To me, it’s like finding that one ‘Prince Charming’ who is out there somewhere.” 
    "I'm Invisible"
    “When I sing this, I think about a girl who feels invisible when she is with the boy she likes,” says Tay. “He never gives her a chance because he feels it's a ‘waste of his time.’ The reality is, he doesn't care.”
  • saleigh_240x.jpg
    Remember this singer/songwriter YouTube star? She sang her rendition of VV Brown’s “Shark in the Water” on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

    Age: 13
    Musical Influences: Adele, for her captivating lyrics, and Taylor Swift

    Check Out:
    "What Can I Say"
    “It's a song you can relate anything to,” shares Shealeigh. “It’s really cool to hear the stories behind what it means to different people.”
    “The song is about having really big dreams, like I've always had, and having them all come true in one day. I hope everyone feels the need to get up and dance as soon as they hear the music!” Shealeigh says.
  • ladinaspence_240x.jpg
    Meet…Ladina Spence
    This pop singer/songwriter was inspired to start singing by her parents, who work in the music business.

    Age: 16
    Musical Influences: Pink and Eminem

    Check Out:
    “It’s about a person who doesn't get seen for who they are, because they hide it,” says Ladina. “This song sends the message it's okay to show your true self no matter who might have a problem with it.”
    "I Luv U"
    “It shows my passion for the people I love, that I'll protect them with my heart as a shield. You can’t say ‘I love you’ enough,” Ladina says.
  • hollywoodending_240.jpg
    Meet…Hollywood Ending
    This five-person pop/rock boy band (Members Dan and Mikey play together in a Lady Gaga cover band called Rad Bromance!) was discovered by the team behind N.B.T. alums Allstar Weekend.
    Age: 17-18
    Fun Fact: They’re co-managed by Allstar Weekend’s Zach Porter
    Check Out:
    "You Got Me"
    “It’s an upbeat song about being in love with someone for who they are,” the boys say. “The way she sings when she thinks nobody else is listening, the way she tells bad jokes…she doesn't have to change anything to win you over.”
    "I’m So Over You"
    “It’s kind of the opposite of ‘You Got Me.’ It's a song about getting dumped and when you finally move on, the girl wants you back,” the boys explain. “The message is, ‘You don't know what you have until it's gone.’”
by GL | 2/1/2016
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