"Wishes in the Wind" -- An original poem



Wishes in the Wind 

There she stands, with her friends, trying to act confident.
But she has a secret, should she tell? She mustn’t.
She has insecurities, just like us all.
And the problem is she’s scared. So scared to fall.
Nobody realizes, they just don’t see.
That she is just like you and me.
No more, no less. But she tries her best.
Just to be better than the rest.
Don’t let go.
‘Cause don’t you know, I know.
Hold on tight.
This life is all you’ve got
Don’t lose the fight
‘Cause memories are all you’ve got,
Hold the good times, the light.
While it seems you’re all alone,
There’s someone out there waiting.
Don’t be discouraged.
Because your life is fading, good times are fading).
Don’t let the wind whip away your laughter.
And just because it is faster, don’t give up.

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by GL Reader | 2/1/2016
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