Hide and Seek - An original short story

Hey babes! Here's a cute short story written by GL reader Leah C., age 11. Take a look and tell us what ya think in the comments!
Hide and Seek
Normally Rebekah and I change for basketball at five-fifteen, but today we decided to go early. We had just pulled on our socks and shoes when all of the sudden we heard lots of people walk in.

“Oh no,” I say. “It’s the visiting boys’ basketball team. They’re here for the game!” Visiting teams always use our locker room.

“What should we do?” Rebekah whispers back.
“Find somewhere to hide! Quick!” Then a thought hits me. “Get in the lockers!”
We have just enough time to crawl in the huge high school lockers before the boys and their coach walk in. After a few minutes that seems like hours, I dare to peak. I want to cry in relief. The boys had already changed. They’re going over the game plan. Then a wave of fear hits me—what if they catch us? What if they search the lockers? Relax, I think to myself. It’s just a giant game of hide and seek.
Then before I know it, the boys are putting their hands together to cheer! We’ve almost made it, I think trying to telepathically communicate to Rebekah.
 Then my heart stops I see across from me that Rebekah’s locker is cracked open. My mind is screaming, Don’t! The boys are still here! Please leave! Please leave! Please leave! I think to myself. It’s working. Half the boys are already running out, and the rest aren’t looking. Maybe they won’t notice!
In a few seconds, a million thoughts fly through my mind—detention, suspension, expulsion, banned from sports forever! But with the loudest click in the world, my thoughts all blend into two words: Oh, Snap!
The boys are giggling as their coach begins searching every locker in Rebekah’s row, until he comes to hers. He opens the door, reaches in and pulls her out. The boys are screaming with laughter, but they all go silent when their coach yells, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?” 
Rebekah replies, “I… I… I didn’t know what to do. I was scared. I made the best choice I could think of.”
“Well you made a bad one!” The coach’s voice booms through the locker room. “FOLLOW ME!”
“Um, sir,” she says.
“WHAT?” he replies.
Rebekah walks hurriedly over to my locker and pulls me out. The three of us slowly walk out of the locker room, Angry Coach in front, me and Rebekah behind. Angry Coach walks us straight up to Mrs. Brautegaum. “I don’t know if you’re in charge of these young ladies, but they are in huge trouble! I have to go coach a game. They’ll tell you the story.”
Mrs. Brautegaum took us over to a corner, and we told her everything. Luckily, she understood. After a quick phone call to our parents explaining what happened, we were allowed to go.
The rest as they say is history, but that day I learned a very important lesson. No matter what the circumstances may be, if a boys’ basketball team is coming into your locker room, don’t hide in the lockers. Just tell them you’re there and walk out.  
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by GL Reader | 2/1/2016
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