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A chilling tale of apocalyptic survival? Check. A magical world of luxury, a romance beneath the sea and one girl’s fight to save the world? Check, check and check.

Four Fierce Reads titles—Monument 14 by Emmy Laybourne, Struck by Jennifer Bosworth, Of Poseidon by Anna Banks and Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo—have everything we’re looking for in a summer page-turner.

That’s why GL teamed up with Macmillan and invited real girls to read and review these novels, then get our book club convo going with fun questions. Wanna join the Fierce Reads Club? Dish your own review in the comments!


Monument 14 by Emmy Laybourne
“Riveting”…”Post-apocalyptic”…”Romantic”…”Adventurous!” – GL readers

Camila V., 14
What it’s about
Monument 14 is about a group of children who take refuge in a grocery store in an attempt to survive a series of freak disasters, including a gigantic hailstorm and the release of a strange gas that affects humans differently based on their blood type. To make things worse, the children are trapped in the store with no way to get out…and there’s a delusional man outside the store claiming it’s his. Can the group survive?
My favorite chapter
I really liked Chapter 11 because it let me see some of the characters’ true colors beyond what they let others see. Their thoughts on what happened, especially for Dean, became clearer. I also really liked the last few chapters of the book. They were very emotional and wrapped up some loose ends, as well as showed some interesting plot twists.
Key themes in this book are…
Survival, teamwork, hope
What I’ll be asking my book club
What did you think about the ending and Astrid's surprise confession?
Why I’d recommend this book to a friend
Monument 14 is an amazing take on post-apocalyptic times. It's set in 2024, and with the complex characters and relatable problems (as relatable as problems in a situation like this can be!), it has something for everyone.
Stars: *****
Meet Camila
I'm 14 years old and in the 8th grade. I love reading because it lets me dive into worlds completely different from our own and forget about real life. It's like traveling anywhere, even to a different century, all while staying in your own home.


Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo
“Captivating”…”Thrilling”…”Riveting”…”Magical!” – GL readers

Chyna F., 14
What it’s about
Darkness. A wall of darkness filled with evil creatures just waiting to prey on human flesh: That is what separates the nation of Ravka. Only one girl may have the power to defeat it. Alina Starkov has never been good at anything, her being just a simple mapmaker for the army. But one night, when the foul creatures from the darkness attack her camp and her best friend is injured, she reveals a strange and breathtaking power that saves him. A mysterious man known as the Darkling whisks Alina away from the life she's always known to the lavish life of the Grisha, an elite magical group lead by the Darkling himself. Alina may have the power to destroy the darkness known as the Shadow Fold, but can someone use her power to strengthen it?
My favorite chapter

I loved the whole book. It was amazingly written and I couldn't choose a favorite chapter even if I had to! If anyone loves books that create an entirely different world, then this book is definitely for them.
Key themes in this book are…

Friendship, power
What I’ll be asking my book club
What do you think might have happened if Alina hadn't saved Mal?
Why I’d recommend this book to a friend
I loved it! It was very good through and through. It's also a bit of a short book, so it didn't take too long to read.
Stars: *****
Meet Chyna
My name is Chyna and I am an avid reader. When I was younger, my mom and dad read to me all the time, and that's what got me started. My favorite genre of book is definitely fantasy. I love the detail and the thinking that goes into making those sorts of books.


Struck by Jennifer Bosworth
Electrifying”…”Vivid”…”Romantic”…”Unforgettable!” – GL readers

Emma T., 12
What it’s about
In this electrifying novel, a teen girl who has been struck by lightning hundreds of times has the power to end the world or to keep it on its feet. Mia Price is that girl. Her unique history of being struck by lightning brings a group called the Seekers to want Mia on their side. However, the other side, the Followers of God, feel the same way. Both sides will have to fight over Mia. Along the way she meets a boy who is meant to protect her (or so rumor has it). She learns how important her lightning scars are and that they reveal her fate, forcing her to choose between the world and possible love.
My favorite chapter
My favorite part was the end. Mia has to decide which path she will take and who she will choose. The end really reveals the truth to the mystery of the plot. The end also made me sad though, because the book had to end.
Key themes in the book are…
What I’ll be asking my book club
What decision would you have made in Mia’s situation?
Why I’d recommend this book to a friend
It really captures the essence of how powerful your own decisions can be. This book is mysterious and leaves you wanting to read more. At the end of every chapter, I couldn't keep myself from reading the next!
Stars: *****
Meet Emma
I’m a girl who loves to read and play sports. I read EVERY night before I go to bed, even if I am already about to fall asleep. Books are what make!


Of Poseidon by Anna Banks
“Original”…”Thrilling”…”Romantic”…”Charming!” – GL readers

Reanne W., 14
What it’s about
On a search for the one who possesses the Gift of Poseidon—a gift that can unite the two warring kingdoms of Syrena—merman Galen stumbles across Emma, a human girl on vacation at the beach with her friends. Emma’s unusual abilities, odd appearance and quirky charm quickly capture Galen’s attention—and his heart. The two begin a budding romance and a great friendship, but questions and mysteries soon surface about Emma’s true identity and the source of her powers. How can a human girl possess the legendary powers of the Syrena? Meanwhile, conflict arises in Galen’s underwater kingdom as both Emma and Galen become embroiled in a tangle of complicated love triangles. They must race against the clock to discover her true origin and stop a deceitful Syrena, as many relationships and an entire kingdom are at stake. However, both of them are unprepared for a shocking revelation that may change everything.
My favorite chapter
The last several chapters were definitely my favorite part of the book. The buildup of tension and excitement culminated in an intense, fast-paced ending that completely shook my grasp of the events that were occurring.
Key themes in this book are…
One of the major themes in the novel was discovering your identity—not just where you come from, but who you are inside as well.
What I’ll be asking my book club
Almost all the characters in the novel have some form of ongoing conflict or situation that can drastically impact and shape their future. Whose situation do you identify with the most?
Why I’d recommend this book to a friend
Of Poseidon isn’t what I expected from a mermaid novel. It’s enjoyable and easy to read, and perfect for a teen audience. The cliffhanger ending is great and adds a real twist to the storyline.
Stars: ****
Meet Reanne
I'm Reanne and I am a high school student. I love reading, drawing and listening to and playing music.
by GL | 2/1/2016
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