You and Me

By Kassie R.


You came into my life with such an interesting greet, I welcomed you, not knowing it would lead to my defeat.
We had fun together, that would lead to regret later. We grew up together and changed forever.
You told me we would be stuck together, best friends forever.
But as we grew older, you became colder.
All that I did wouldn't matter, our friendship hit the floor and shattered.
You got obsessed with being cool, which for you lead to a shallow pool.
I wasn't alive to you, walked passed me telling lies.
But I got above your abuse, I left with just a bruise and said goodbye without excuse.
I'll learn real love, I'll fly like a dove.
                                             But you?
Soon you'll fade away like all the weak minded do. Just a mere memory like the morning dew

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5/3/2008 8:54:00 AM
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