25 things you've gotta do this summer

When school lets out in June, it seems like forever ‘til you’ll have to walk those halls again in the fall. But the end of summer still manages to creep up faster than you expect, so don’t let these perf sunny days slip away. Make the most of ‘em, and get to work on crossing things off your summer bucket list. Don’t have one yet? Get started with our top 25 picks for things to do before summer ends.


Make your own popsicles. Use juice, berries, candy – whatever comes to mind. Get creative, chica!


Race your bud down the biggest waterslide at your nearby waterpark.


Knock one thing off the list of things you’ll always say you’ll do, but never get around to.


Volunteer for at least a day. Check your local pet shelter, retirement home, library, or day care center to find a place that needs your talents.


Stay up all night at a sleepover. No school in the morning, so why not? Just make sure you don’t have any big plans the next day, since ya might be a li’l out of it.


Have a car wash or run a lemonade stand for some extra dough.


Make dinner for your fam and have a game night together. Your parents may not have the summer off, but that doesn’t mean they can’t join in the fun sometimes, too.


Try out a new updo.


Go for a run with your bestie. Motivate each other, and maybe you’ll find that ya like running more than you thought.


Sing your fave radio tune on karaoke.


Finish that painting, poem, story or song that you’ve been workin’ on.


Give yourself a mani and pedi that match your totally presh swimsuit.


Take a Safe Sitter class so you’re certified to start up a babysitting biz.


Learn one cool new dive at the pool.


Clean your room. We’re not just talkin’ the quick stuff-things-under-your-bed clean. Really look through your room and see what you can give away (or sell). Yard sale, anyone?


Go to an outdoor concert.


Write an extra-long letter to your pen pal.


Make a new friend. Doesn’t have to be a gal your age. Expand your horizons, and buddy up with an elderly neighbor or the new kid who moved in down the block.


Read a novel. Just one.


Have a marathon of your fave TV show. Call up your chicas, and break out the popcorn!


Take pics of your fave spots in your neighborhood or town. Save these babies because one day, you might appreciate a walk down memory lane.


Try out a new look. Just one outfit, for one day. Doesn’t hurt to be a li’l radical once in a while.


Visit your grandparents.


Plan your dream vacay. Who knows? Maybe once you’ve got it all mapped out, it’ll happen sooner than ya think.


Make the perf summer playlist.


Got any other good ideas for summer fun, babes? Share ‘em!


by GL | 2/1/2016