8 ways to volunteer you've never thought of

When you help someone out, it makes ya feel totally awesome. But there are only so many times that you can do the standard charity acts without getting bored. Well, here are 8 activities that you can add to your volunteering calendar to brighten someone’s day and make ya feel like a star.


Free Talent

If you love to sing, dance, or play an instrument, why not share that with others? Call up a local nursing home, and see if you can arrange to come perform for the people who live there. You’ll have a blast doing something you’re passionate about, and they’ll be happy to have the entertainment. (Plus, you’ll get some extra practice for when ya score that spot on America’s Got Talent.)


What’s Up, Doc?

Interested in a career in medicine? Check out the volunteering opportunities at a hospital near you. No, you’re not gonna get to operate on anyone, but you can help keep the place clean and organized. Or you can keep patients company, if you like to chat. Either way, just hangin’ around the hospital will give you a taste of what a job there would be like, and it’s a great way to find out if that’s what you wanna do with your life.


Join the Green Team

If ya love the environment and haven’t heard of the Sierra Student Coalition, you should totally check it out. It’s a national organization that’s dedicated to saving the Earth through education. And the best part? It’s led by students! So find the chapter nearest you, and start fine-tuning those leadership skills so you can help preserve the planet.


Education Is Key

You loved going to museums and aquariums when you were little, so why not now? Call up the ones nearest to you, and see what volunteering opportunities they offer. Just think – you can walk by those adorable dolphins every day for free, and make other people’s experiences better at the same time.


All Play, No Work

You’re an A+ babysitter, and you just love kids. So try sharing your services for free at a local family shelter. While the parents are lookin’ for ways to get their fam under their own roof, you can help them out by keeping the kids out of their hair. You’ll get to play with some super-cute babies, and maybe help give them a chance for a better life at the same time.


Tech Savvy Sistah

Is there a local non-profit that you heart? Ask them if they’d like you to set up a web page for them. Having a presence on the web will really boost their popularity, and you’ll be saving them lots of money that they can then use to help whatever cause they’re pullin’ for.


Spread the Love

Gather up old toys and dolls from your house and from your besties. Then clean up the toys, maybe sew the dolls new dresses, and donate them all to a local orphanage. You and your chicas may be too old for those dolls, but there’s no reason other kids can’t make some new memories with them.


Art Smart

You feel pretty sad when you drive by all that graffiti that’s bringing down your gorge neighborhood. Well, stop feelin’ blue, and cover it up with your own colors. If you’ve got some artistic talent, let it shine, girl! Paint a positive mural over that graffiti so you can put a smile on your neighbors’ faces every time they drive by.


How are you going to help your community this summer?

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by Carrie Ruppert | 2/1/2016