Shake up your space with a slew of noteworthy quotes

Quotes are a great way to show people a piece of your personality.  Whether they are funny, motivational or thought provoking, a good quote is gonna get you inspired when you’re procrastinating on that English paper or you don’t want to read for history.  Try putting different kinds of quotes up in different ways, something eye catching but different for each one, so you can always pick out the best advice for your predicament. 


Quote above your bed:

Funny quotes about your bed make it a fun place for you and your friends to hang out.  Try something goofy about mornings or an LOL-worthy one from your favorite TV show and put it above your headboard.  It’ll make you laugh in the morning when you’re getting out of bed and be a great talking point for the first time you have a new friend come over.

Try: A TV or book quote made from letters cut out of magazine pages


Quotes on your mirror:

I have a Post-It note that lives on the mirror above my dresser to make me feel better on days when nothin’ looks good.  It’s a quirky little quote to remind me to breathe and smile- nothing is ever as bad as it seems first thing in the morning.  Put something here that will make you forget about that tiny pimple or your awkward hair length and send you out to the rest of the day totally confident!

Try: A page from a Dr. Seuss book


Quotes on your closet:

Everyone looks at their closet once in awhile and just can’t figure out what to wear.  Try sticking on a cool quote from a famous stylista who will remind you that looking fab isn’t about what you have on, it’s about the attitude you rock when you wear it.  It’ll remind you to wear what you love and what looks good instead of stressing out about whether it’s “cool.”

Try: Something by your style icon in a girly script (and a smidge of glitter). Collage with outfit inspiration pics for bonus points!


Quotes for your corkboard:

Have a ton of short quotes you want to put on display? Grab a big corkboard and some cute pins and quote away! Even better? Cut out a bunch of cute shapes out of cardstock and let your friends write THEIR fave quotesm too! Put a little box next to your corkboard with some colorful pens and your cutouts so whenever you or your friends are inspired, you can put one up!

Try: Anyone and everyone!


Get a jump start with a few of ours faves….


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by Kate Geraghty | 2/1/2016
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