Intern Diaries: Don't knock it 'til ya try it

You know when someone says they love something, and your reaction is to wrinkle your nose? And then they ask if you’ve ever tried it, and you’ve gotta sheepishly admit that you haven’t? Well, sometimes those crazy people are actually on to something. Here are five things that used to sound awful to me, but now, they’re some of my absolute faves.


Forrest Gump (Sorta)

I love to run, and at this point, most people would classify me as ‘athletic.’ But I definitely was not always a fan of exercise. Up until sophomore year of high school, I was a singer – I did musicals, chorus and show choir. So when my math teacher asked me to join the track team, my first reaction was to laugh. But then I noticed that all my friends were signing up, and I thought that if they were doing it, it couldn’t be too bad. I grabbed a uniform and hit the track, and ever since then, I’ve just been running longer and longer distances. I discovered that running really does make ya feel good, and as someone who likes a challenge, running turned out to be my perfect activity.



Reading the newspaper is something only your ‘rents do, right? Well, I’d recommend you give it a looksee sometime. I never used to keep up with what was happening in the world because I just didn’t have time to sit down with a paper. But recently, I’ve been checking out the headlines online, and I’ll tell you a secret: the world is a pretty interesting place. It’s also a really cool feeling to actually know what people are talking about when they mention the latest from Syria or from NYC. That way, you can join in more convos and impress people with your knowledge.


My Grass Is Blue

Don’t worry, I still listen to plenty of pop music. But I’ve also discovered that bluegrass music can be pretty awesome. It’s got all these nifty instruments, like banjos, mandolins, and dobros. And it has a much different sound than that country stuff with the cowboy hats. My fave group is Nickel Creek, and my fave artist is Alison Krauss. It’s hard to explain their awesomeness, but check ‘em out sometime when you’re cravin’ a sound that’s a li’l out of the ordinary.


Delicious, And Definitely Not Nutritious

I’m not a good cook, and I do not like cooking. In fact, my brother likes to remind me of the time when I messed up making Easy Mac. However, baking is a different story. I discovered a few years ago when I was making cookies for a bake sale that creating sweets is pretty awesome. ‘Cause in the end, you’re gonna have something delicious that everybody is sure to love. And there are a million different cookie recipes out there, just waiting to be discovered!


Speed Racer

Rollercoasters can be pretty intimidating, and for the longest time, I was too afraid to even try most of ‘em. For instance, when my fam went to Disney World, I hung out in the gift shop while everyone else waited in line and rode the Rockin’ Roller Coaster. But then I decided that if millions of people could go on these coasters every year, I could too. And now, they’re my fave part of amusement parks. I even ventured onto the Incredible Hulk Coaster at Universal Studios all by myself, and that was probably the most intense coaster I’ve ever seen. So sometimes conquering your fears can lead to something fun – never know ‘til ya try!


xo GL intern Carrie


Tell us, babes: What’s one thing you thought you’d hate ‘til ya gave it a try?


by Carrie Ruppert | 2/1/2016