Eek! Holiday party horror moments--and how to survive 'em

Hot cider, Cookie baking and new holiday outfits; we know you’re just as excited for the holiday get-togethers as we are! But what happens when an embarrassing sitch decides to crash the party? Don’t let those little, inevitable blunders spoil your fun. Here are our no-fail tips to help ya sashay you’re way out of any holiday sitch.

Sitch #1. You spot your crush at a party and he’s totally flirting with your nemesis.

This problem can be a total bummer, but the best thing to do is shrug it off.  Don’t focus on what the two of them may or may not be doing, and just have a great time with your friends! Besides, maybe you’re crush isn’t even into that other girl. If ya spot him all alone, it’ll be your turn to get your flirt on. Don’t even mention your competitor’s name and you’ll end the night looking totally classy and having a blast.

Sitch #2. You just arrived at a holiday party in your fave jeans and everyone else is wearing LBDs. You so didn’t get the memo.

Hold on, don’t freak!  No need to go running out the front door and texting your mom about a clothing emergency.  Just pretend like your totally casual ensemble was your number one party choice. Hold your head high and have the best night ever. If anyone says anything about your jeans, just laugh it off and note that it’s harder to hit the dance floor in a tight, little dress. Plus, you know your outfit makes ya look rockstar fab.

Sitch #3. You’re enjoying a fab holiday meal when you spill an entire cup of cider all over your hostess’s white carpet.

Oops! Accidents happen to everyone (even your hostess) and a little spill can be fixed in a jiff. As soon as it happens, start blotting with a napkin or paper towel (she should rush to your aid and do the same). If ya offer to help your hostess clean up ASAP, she’ll appreciate the assistance and her carpet should turn out totally stain free. No big deal.


Sitch #4. You’re busting a move in front of everyone when suddenly you’re Gangnam Style takes a turn for the clumsy and you wind up face first on the floor. Ouch.

The best way for a dancing diva to fix this party faux pas? Dance it off! Transition your fall into a new move. You’re already on the floor; so do the worm or give it a spin and try your hand at break dancing. Even if your friends aren’t impressed by your dance moves, they’ll def take note of the cool and clever way you handled yourself.   


Sitch #5. You just saw your bestie’s boyfriend under the mistletoe smooching some other girl!

Uh oh, this is a serious sitch! And a cheating BF is never okay.  First, you’ll want to talk to your bestie’s dude and find out what’s up. Let him know that you saw what happened and that your bestie deserves to know. If he’s not going to tell her what happened, it’s gonna be up to you. Think about it, you would want your BFF to tell you, right? When you and your BFF are alone, tell her what you saw (just the facts) and then be prepared for her to be angry, upset or confused.  What she does next with that meanie is all up to her. And later, she’ll be glad you had her back.

Sitch #6. You get an unexpected gift and you don’t have a prezzie to give in return.

No need to shuffle around, scrounging for a gift you don’t have or start making up stories as to why there’s no present in return. When you’re presented with a gift that comes totally by surprise, the best thing to do is show your gratitude. So to make things the least awkward, put on your biggest smile and say your heartiest thank you.


What’s the worst holiday party horror moment you can think up? Tell us in the comments!

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by Lauren Izquierdo | 2/1/2016
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