DRIVER'S ED: Buckle Down


Hey GL Girls! It’s Emily S. again, and for anyone who doesn’t know, I’m 16 years old and learning to drive—and telling you all about it! So I’m here with more Driver's Ed info and funny stories for you.

So I just got home tonight from my first in-classroom session. Let me tell you, it was so long! I was there from 6:15 – 9:15 pm, ugh. Anyways, the first thing I did when I got there was get a t-shirt and a book. The t-shirt was…not the most fashion forward article of clothing I’ve ever seen (ha-ha) but no complaints here, a free tee is a free tee!

In the book is where I get all the info about driving. This book is SUPER THICK but it’s pretty helpful with diagrams and everything. I got there kind of early today so I was one of the first ones in the classroom. Already there were two other guys from my school and a couple of girls I didn’t know. Two girls from a private school in my town sat next to me, and they ended up being really nice. We whispered whenever things got really boring! And the instructor said we were allowed to doodle in our notebooks if we wanted which I did of course—I have some really good drawings of sailboats and flowers in there now.☺

So, seriously, at the beginning of the lesson the teacher (who, for anyone that didn’t read my last post, is a policeman) taught us tons of facts about safety stuff in the car. By the way, guess what? My instructor has a police dog! It’s a black lab and it’s so cute but we can’t like pet it and be silly, it’s a working dog. Our instructor used the overhead projector and I swear we did like 100 slides! But it was really helpful stuff, like did anyone know that if you are under 12 you are not allowed in the front seat?! It’s a law! I may have broken it when I was 11 by accident but now I know, so you guys should be aware of that!

Then we watched a quick movie. It was actually really funny because in the movie this family is in the car on the way to a picnic or something really cheesy and sweet and then we hear screeching brakes and a crash, but when the crash is supposedly happening all the sudden all the people in the cars are randomly really quickly replaced with dummies! It was so weird looking, the switch was like super quick, I barely noticed it, but then all the sudden I was like “Those don’t look like real people anymore…”

After the movie we got a ten minute break (yippee!!) and I went upstairs to the water fountain with my new private school friends. We chatted and then decided to go on a quest: for a snack or drink machine! I am taking the class at a temple and it has all these long hallways. We raced down every hall and looked absolutely EVERYWHERE but there were no machines. Our search was a failure ☹ but it was really fun! So we had to satisfy ourselves by quenching our thirst with the water fountain. But the instructor said we could bring our own snacks next week, so I think I will bring a little snack and a bottle of water. I’ll probably bring pita chips – I’m totally in love with those things right now!After the break, we had to take a quiz on everything we’d learned so far. It wasn’t too hard, and I got a 24/25 (YAY me!). The one question I got wrong, EVERY single person in the whole class got wrong!! None of us knew that you are only supposed to put the parking/emergency brake on if you are at the top of the hill—we all thought you were supposed to put it on every time you brake! Whoops! Overall, the evening was, although a tad boring, actually kinda fun too! And I did learn a lot. Anyone want a ride?


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2/6/2008 11:08:18 AM
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