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Summer Entertainment Extravaganza
You’ll flip for our first-ever flip cover: Cheetah Girls on one side, Jonas Brothers on the other!

There’s a lot going on this summer, no doubt about it. So we got your fave celebrities to spill on their summer projects and plans. The Cheetah Girls are triple fab, dishing about their life-changing trip to India to film The Cheetah Girls One World.

Meanwhile, the Jonas Brothers were totally game for sharing some juicy secrets with us (hello, Camp Rock scoop)! Check out the official trailer…

PLUS! Get the latest on Ashley Tisdale, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2’s Lucy Hale, Raven-Symoné and Jesse McCartney (we confess, we can't stop watching his video for “Leavin”!).

Score YOUR free beach blanket book!
Never be bored lying on the beach again! We’ve got bagfuls of this summer’s most fabulous reads ready for you to win. Register for the brand-new (if you haven’t already!) and entering is one-click easy. Download our June Beach Books Giveaway Calendar RIGHT HERE.

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The Secrets to Total Bikini Confidence
Who doesn’t want to feel more fab in their suit? We’ve got all tips and tricks you need to feel cute and confident. Read this and wearing a bikini will be a walk in the park (or, you know, a swim in the pool…).

Summer Beauty Probs—Solved

Banish melty makeup! Have a good hair day every day! Sound too good to be true? It isn’t, if you check out GL’s Sizzling Beauty Secrets.

Have your best summer ever

Real GL readers are offering their tips for having a blast this summer. With these awesome suggestions, you’re not gonna have a dull moment ’til September (hello, boring history lecture).

Dear Carol

All my friends have boyfriends. Whenever any of them asks me to hang out, I feel like a third wheel. My BFF invited me to the movies with her and her boyfriend, and she talked to him the whole time and not me. If this keeps up, I’m afraid my friendships will be wrecked. What can I do?

Dear Little Miss Lonely,
Next time a friend invites you to tag along with her and her BF on a date, simply say, “No, thanks. You go have fun. But why don’t you and I hang out tomorrow afternoon?” One-on-one time is ideal for couples and for friends. So if three feels like a crowd, just avoid that situation.

Get more great advice from Carol in our issue!

What’s Your Summer Groove?
Are you gonna kick-start your big plans or kick back with your summer sisters?

1.    It’s your very first day of summer freedom (woo hoo!). You decide to…

a.    Whip out your Roxy two-piece and head to the beach. School starts in T-minus three months. You need every minute to scour the crush-worthy scene.
b.    Catch up on some much-needed sleep. Finals drained you. That go-kart and Italian ice date with the crew can totally wait.
c.    Hit the mall with your girls. The calendar is packed with tons of awesome plans, and you need outfits to match.
d.    Wake up at the crack of dawn. There’s a lot to accomplish this summer, and with your completely packed sched, there is little time to waste.

2.    Who doesn’t love a getaway? But when Dad announces you’ll be packing up the SUV and road-tripping to an undisclosed campsite, you…

a.    Roll your eyes but look on the bright side. Maybe a wrong turn on the trail will lead you to a dreamy hiker.
b.    Throw a fit ’til he caves. You’re looking to chill poolside, and a trip would intrude on your relaxation plans.
c.    Are excited, but try to talk him into letting one of your girls join.
d.    Opt to stay home with Gram. July’s the busiest month for your book club.

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