"Bittersweet Is Everything" - An original poem

Hello darlings! Here is an original poem written by a GL reader just like you. Take a look, then tell us what you think in the comments.

“Bittersweet Is Everything”

Who will hear you

when you die inside

and shrivel up on

the same spot where you cried

Can anyone see you

or the pain within

but you put on a different face

and lift up your chin

Does anyone feel

the way that you do

you break your back

to do the job and then it's through

Does anyone stop

and smell the roses in bloom

and do the teachers still correct

the who's from the whom

Bittersweet is everything

or that’s what you tell yourself

to lower your expectations

and put your emotions on a shelf

Living day to day

doing chore by chore

but every mess you clean up

just seems to lead to more

You look at yourself

in the mirror to see

what you look like on the outside

when you wonder what you could be

Who do you turn to

when your soul withers

is there an internal coat

when you feel your heart shiver

Consume the moments

of memorable happy pleasure

because you know they can't withstand

your mind's terrible weather

Because bittersweet is everything

oh now can you see

that in this life that you hold dear

only God plans what you'll be

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by GL reader | 2/1/2016