20 things you won't learn in school



It's an understatment to say you learn a lot in school. From algebra to languages and everything in between, all those hours in the classroom dish up a ton of vital knowledge. But the lessons don't end when you reach your building's double doors. Here are the 20 things they won't teach you in school, but that you'll totally learn along the way. We just happen to be sharing them with you now, to help ya out in the long run.

1. You're gonna make mistakes. 

We know there's a lot of pressure to be perfect, but slipping up is simply part of life. And each and every time you fumble, you learn a little bit more about yourself, and a big dose of how to do it better next time.

2. Make every day count.

Some days, when you wake up, the only you look forward to is going back to bed. Other days, you’ll stay up all night until the sun is starting to rise, because you don’t want the day to end. Try to see the good in each (hint: keeping a gratitude journal helps, if you're having trouble seeing the bright side).

3. Be inspired by the awesome girls around you.

Listen, you're not always going to be the tip-top student or the best ballerina, but comparing yourself to the girl who is "beating" you is just a bummer. Life isn’t a competition so instead of letting yourself feel down about it, get over it and see what you can learn from her. And then...

4. Focus on being your best.

If you always measure yourself based off how well others have done, you’ll never see how far you've come. Just concentrate on being the best you can be. 

5. Cliques will always be a thing, but don't conform.

Don’t worry so much about whether you fit in as much as finding people who make you feel like the best person you can be, regardless of popularity.

6. Your happiness shouldn't be based on the attention of others.

Sometimes, the cute guy does wanna hang out, and sometimes the girl you super admire wants to be your BFF right back. But other times, it doesn't quite line up, and letting how often they text or Snap define how you feel is no way to live.

7. You don't have to just "get over it."

If it hurt you, it hurt you. Don't dwell on the past, but you don't have to brush it off.


8. Saying no works.

Well, not when it comes to chem homework, but when it comes to guys or friends or extracurricular commitments, starting to assert your n-o power is key to finding your independence...and your truest self. 

9. If someone doesn’t like you, it’s not you, it's them.

We're not trying to channel some cheesy breakup line. It's just true. A lot of girls get rejected, and then wonder, "what's wrong with ME?" But it's just like having a fave color, band or movie...what's works for one person isn't a fab fit for someone else.

10. Excuses don't work.

"I'd totally go to the gym, if I had more time." "I wanted to write my mom a bday card, but I got into that fight with my BF." "I'd study for the PSAT, but I'm not good at math." Meet your excuses, and then say buh-bye. They're just holding you back.

11. Let yourself be passionate.

Whether you're training for a big race or running a blog about your fave band, doing what you love is key. So make time for it, get super into it and just geek out. 

12. Apologize when you're wrong.

We know, we know: the other person was in the wrong, too. But if you and a friend have a fight, it's just best to apologize what you did. Try to see things from the other person's perspective and just move on.

13. A little lipstick, a big smile and putting your shoulders back can go a long way.

If you don’t have the confidence, fake it. If you act like you know what you’re doing, people will assume you do. It will come in time, we promise.

14. Be at peace with two versions of yourself.

There's who you were and who you are becoming. Sometimes you just have to listen to old pop music while you dance around your room or watch cartoons and let your inner kid out. That’s OK. Sometimes you do need to put on the big girl pants, get things done, watch the news, accept the bad with the good and realize you’re growing up. That’s part of it, too.

15. Don't be a plus one.

Be a person in a relationship, not just half of a duo. "We" refers to your favorite sports team and your community, not you molding yourself to be co-dependent on someone else. 

16. Be your own BFF.

Notice the little things in life that make you happy, cheer yourself up when you're down, bake yourself a batch of cookies after a bad day, think about the things that make you a unique individual and appreciate yourself for them. Take time for yourself, learn how to be alone without being lonely. Braid your own hair and tell yourself how beautiful you are. Speak to yourself like you would your best friend.

17. Don't fill up on the bread before a meal.

The best is yet to come. Figuratively and literally.

18. Accept that you don't know everything.

The smartest girls we know are the ones who ask questions when they're confused, and keep an open mind when the answer is coming their way. Nodding and pretending just doesn't work. 

19. People grow apart.

It seemed like one minute you two were tight, and then a year later, you barely talk. People grow apart, go their different ways and move one. It's tough, but it's a part of growing up. But that said...

20. Know who to fight for.

Don't let a tiny fight blow up into a big thing that tears you and your BFF to shreds. And your BGF who is suddenly super busy with his brand new GF? Don't just let him saunter off into the sunset, and watch your friendship become a shadow. If you see a crack in a relationship with a true blue, work on it. You two might not be as close as you were in the past, but find some common ground and hold onto it. You'll be happy you did, trust us.


by GL | 2/1/2016
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