Win that pumpkin decorating contest with these DIY pumpkin tips 'n' tricks!

It’s officially pumpkin season which means lots of carving and pumkin decorating! If you're looking to enter a contest this year and need some idea's, we've rounded up some super cute and crafty DIY tips to help you dec out that pumpkin and land that first place medal.


  • 1_pumpkin.png

    Black is the new orange, right?

    All you need is a pumpkin (well, duh), some newspaper, chalkboard spray paint, and a white chalk marker. Lay down the newspaper so you don’t make a mess and spray the pumpkin down everywhere you want it to be black. Then once you make sure the paint is dry grab the chalk marker and get creative! Maybe something to do with Halloween, or you can even monogram it with your family’s last name.

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    Go paint crazy

    One of the easiest and fun ways to decorate a pumpkin is to just go crazy with paint. You can keep the pumpkin orange and just add some shapes or letters, or you can completely change the pumpkins color and make it not even not look like a pumpkin anymore. Grab some newspaper, different colored paint, paintbrushes and even some stencils if you aren’t the best artist to achieve one of these stellar designs.

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    Get your pumpkin shine on

    It’s time to sparkle your way to the top and win that first place ribbon! What you will need is some spray adhesive, glitter, a big sized paintbrush and an old newspaper. Lay down the newspaper to keep from making a mess, and spray the adhesive on the pumpkin. Pour your glitter in a jar and use a spoon to sprinkle it onto your pumpkin. Use your paintbrush to even out the glitter. Repeat the process until your pumpkin dazzles all around --- your opponents will be totally jealous.

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    Totally bedazzled

    It’s time to add some bling to your pumpkin. Paint or create your own design using rhinestones and jewels from a local craft store. Wanna add a creepy touch? Make a spider web for an for added spooks! Don't forget to have fun with this one and get creative -- sometimes making a masterpiece on a whim could turn out just as pretty.

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by Becky Kochell | 2/1/2016