10 ways to pump up your spring break for next to no $$


If you're low on funds but wanna have the perfect spring break, look no further. From outdoor adventures to road trips and spa days, we’ve got the deets on a ton of low-budget things you can do to make this spring break one to remember.

1. Have a discount movie marathon

Pick a day, grab your gals, and treat yourself to a discount movie theater marathon. Sure, at discount theaters the movies are usually couple weeks (or even a couple months) old, but with such cheap prices who cares? Plus, there are probably a few movies that you wanted to see that you didn't make it to the theater in time for anyway. Skip the popcorn at the movie and make you and your girls a picnic lunch beforehand.  

2. Go for a museum trip

For the artsy girls, check out the museums or historic homes in your area. They’re usually free or only have a small entrance fee and it's super easy to spend a whole day walking around and learning a ton. You don't have to go on a trip far away to bask in beautiful artwork (or cool history, or whatever your fave museum has).

3. Get in gear and volunteer

Spring break could be the perfect time to improve your college apps by volunteering for a good cause. Plus, you know you'll feel awesome after spending a day helping out the less fortunate or cleaning up your planet. Go to to find a place in your area where you can get really passionate.

4. Hit the trails

Break out of those winter blues and tap into your inner Katniss by going on an outside adventure. Grab a buddy and spend all day exploring those trails (and taking a million selfies, obvs) until the sun goes down. Don't forget to pack some snacks for the road like dried mango or trailmix.

5. Throw your own pampering party

Grab your best girls, your fave DVDs and your fanciest lotion and have a luxurious spa day. You can paint your nails, start a massage train, or even try some homemade facial masks while relaxing in front of the perfect chick flick. Check out Pinterest for homemade facial masks to help rejuvenate your post-winter skin. 

6. Take a major chill pill

You might think spring break has to be about doing something amazing, but it's also a really good time to rest up. Take a day or two to binge watch that tv show you've been behind on, or give yourself some time to read that new book that's been on your list for a while. 

7. Get your tan on

Even if you don't have your own pool (or if you don't live by the beach), chances are there's a public pool near by. Just because you can't go somewhere tropical doesn't mean you can't lounge on a pool chair, slather on that SPF and soak up the sun. Bring a beach read for extra fun or sunglasses if all that sunshine makes you sleepy.

8. Road trip rules

Sure, you shouldn't go far, but chances are there's somewhere nearby that you haven't fully explored yet. Find a cool place a town over and convince your BFF to go on a little excursion with you. Don't drive yet? Ask your big bro or big sis if they'd would be willing to go with. 

9. Live that Groupon life

There are a bunch of coupons for cool, fun things to do on Groupon. They're all total steals, and the best part is that it can make that workout class (or fancy dinner) you've had your eye on totally budget-friendly. 

10. Old fashioned cook-off

Bring Chopped (or MasterChef Junior) to your own kitchen with a no-holds barred cook-off. Compete against your family and friends to see who can make the best treats and eats. Not only will there be tons of yummy food, you'll also have a blast making it.

How do you plan on spending your spring break? Share in the comments below.  


by Anna Maria Hand | 2/1/2016