Child's Play

By Melissa W.


I've grown a great deal, in the past three years.
I'm intelligent and wary.
You know this, and love everything about me.
We've known each other since the beginning.
I love your laugh.
We used to play in the woods, and collect bugs!
We would stay up all night in my living room, just talking.
You and I, we've matured.
Since we were small, we've slept in the same bed.
Our parents didn't care.
We're just best friends!
That was child's play though, what happened so long ago.
Now we're older, and we know.
I still think of you as the little curly blonde,
and you still think of me the same.
But, you just seen different.
When I look at you, I see more than just you, I see fireworks and music and us...
I see us together. Forever.
3 years later...

We've grown up, sure as can be.
And suddenly, you're on your knees!
Is that a ring, this is a surprise.
I'm yours!
I love you.
Child's play, we played at, we played and played, for forever and a day, we are playing! Child's play.


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6/14/2008 5:18:00 PM
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