Last-minute tricks to landing a sweet summer job


Somehow summer has managed to sneak up on you. You’re (almost) out of school with super empty pockets and no job opportunity in sight. To make matters even worse, it seems like all your friends have awesome gigs lifeguarding at the pool or working at a sleepaway camp. What to do? We’ve got some no-fail tips to helping you get hired, even after Memorial Day.

Work your connections

Is your mom a preschool teacher? Is your dad’s best friend the owner of the ice cream stand down the street? Don’t be afraid to tap into the resources you already have at your disposal. Ask your friends if their places of employment are looking for extra summer help. See if your mom can introduce you to some of her friends who have younger children. 

Flyer, flyer, flyer!

If you’re looking to kind a gig babysitting or pet-sitting, handing out flyers around your neighborhood might be your best bet. Be sure to include important info, like whether or not you’re first-aid trained. Don’t give out any info that’s too personal like your address. Instead, set up an email where potential clients can reach you and list it on your flyers.

Start your own business

No, we don’t mean you need to start your own Fortune 500 company this summer to make any money. If you’re a pro at yardwork or painting or throwing parties for kids, put your skills out there for cash. Let your neighbors know you can take care of their lawns or walk their dogs for a competitive price.

Don’t limit yourself

Not all jobs are created equal, that’s for sure. Working at the hip book store on Main Street might sound better than working at the local fast food joint, but who knows what you might learn on the job? You’re more likely to score a gig if you keep yourself open to all kinds of options. And who knows, flipping burgers all summer might end up as your favorite job to date.

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by Mallory Walker | 2/1/2016